Vanessa Edgington, IA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2017

Our trip to Ireland is the best trip I’ve ever experienced and let me share why. I worked with Genevieve Sheehan, and others who work at Sheenco Travel for 10 – 12 months before our vacation. Genevieve and her crew at Sheenco Travel took time to get to know me and what my goals were for our family trip to Ireland. Genevieve covered everything we requested, gave ideas as to how to make them happen and then shared other ideas that might be of interest to us. Sheenco Travel didn’t make this trip what they thought I wanted for my family. They made this trip exactly what I wanted for me and my family. We took 16 days with a personal driver to help make it exactly what we wanted. Everywhere we went, they were expecting us, as they already had our names; this included the hotels, the Shakers Experience at the Jameson Distillery, the Guinness Experience, and all activities in which we participated at the Ashford Castle. There were absolutely no questions; everyone was expecting us. Genevieve gave me the name and phone number of a gal to order our flight tickets from and we had extremely smooth traveling. After getting to know me and my wishes for this trip, Genevieve specifically requested our driver, Mike. He is amazing and even took us to a few places that we weren’t aware of, yet we loved to be able to see/experience them! He knows the Country of Ireland and its history. We listened in awe as Mike shared about the tumultuous times Ireland went through to remain a country all its own. We’re talking well over 10,000 years! We truly enjoy history which brings me to the primary reason for going to Ireland. I was hoping to step on ground where my ancestors came from. They left Co. Westmeath and Co. Cork during the Potato Famine in 1846 and 1849 and were fortunate to make it to the U.S.A. alive. Not only do I know that we walked on ground they walked on, we were fortunate to meet very distant relatives. We visited churches and heritage centres around the areas I knew my family had come from. At one of the heritage centres, we obtained copies of the Priest’s handwritten journals from church logs. These were of family member’s baptisms and a marriage. We also learned that our ancestors rented and farmed land as well as where that land is located. If I would have attempted to read this information myself, I would never have recognized it as my family due to abbreviations, and other reasons. Finally, after our driver called numbers we had discovered earlier, and we asked people walking by if they knew of (name of family) and where they might live; we knocked on their doors and were invited in to their homes! They are from my ancestry line! Tears of joy trickle down my cheeks as I write this and my heart is filled with more love than I could have ever imagined from this trip of a lifetime! I am going to visit Ireland again and will ONLY TRAVEL THROUGH SHEENCO TRAVEL! Genevieve and her crew are exceptional! Afterall, I have family there! If I could rate Sheenco Travel with 100 stars, I would!
Vanessa Edgington, IA

Ken & Jill Wilson, CT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2017

We had the most wonderful week in your gorgeous country!! Your itinerary was perfect we saw more than we ever hoped. It was glorious in every way. We had a truly unforgettable experience. Our driver Gerry Waters was absolutely fabulous to us, professional, cordial and so very kind and generous with his time and thoughtfulness and attention to detail. We felt like we were taking a University Credit Course in History. The man is a walking encyclopaedia!!! I felt like we were leaving ‘family’ when we had to say goodbye to him. I requested him for our next trip back to Ireland :)) We loved all of our accommodations and you sure know how to send us away saving the BEST for last. Both castles were amazing, simply utterly unforgettable!!
Ken & Jill Wilson, CT

Cheryl Snooks, IN, Custom Self Drive, September 2017

I have been fortunate to travel a lot, but this trip by far is my absolute favorite! People are asking me what my favorite part was and it is hard to come up with a favorite other than to say the whole trip. We even enjoyed the few times the GPS took us on “unnamed” roads as there was always something fantastic to see and people were so helpful. Memories to last a lifetime (or until we deem we must return)!
Cheryl Snooks, IN

Anne & Ted Grove, ON, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2017

We very much enjoyed our holiday in Scotland. Everything ran VERY smoothly. All the accommodations were lovely except for Dornoch Castle Hotel. The lounge was dark and dreary and the dining area was not appealing. We were told we even had to get our own coffee! However, the town was lovely. Our favourite castle was Glengarry. A lovely experience. Everyone at Sheenco was very helpful especially Elaine. Always bright, cheerful and helpful. The icing on the cake was our driver/guide Doug Allison. What a gem and how lucky we were to have him guide us around Scotland. I can’t say enough good things about Doug. So accommodating, always on time, helpful, and most of all a fun guy and we really enjoyed his company. Thank you for great service and we will be sure to recommend Sheenco to our friends.
Anne & Ted Grove, MO

Jim Muller, MO, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2017

I want to first start off by saying Thank You for all the help you were while we were planning our Trip! I also want to say our driver, Colin was wonderful, he made us feel very welcome and it was more like visiting a family member more than having a guide. We had a wonderful trip and didn’t have any issues other than a Power outage when we were trying to go to the Science Center, we joked that it was because the Sun was out that day :). I would say that my favorite Part was Touring the Highlands and The Isle Of Skye we really can’t pick a favorite Hotel/Castle because they were all pretty great. Thank You to all at Sheenco Travel, we will recommend your services to anyone!
Jim Muller, MO

Diane Rumpke, OH, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2017

We had a fantastic trip from start to finish! There were absolutely no glitches in any of the accommodation, restaurant or activity reservations. Our party of 12 adults and a 4 mos. old baby had a wonderful time touring your awesome, most beautiful country. Thank you again for your impeccable attention to detail in answering all my questions and requests! I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking to travel to Ireland!Diane Rumpke, OH

Maxine Belcher, FL, Custom Self Drive, September 2017

We had a wonderful time, loved Ireland, the people, the food and the hotels; our favourites were The Malton and Lough Eske. Thanks for all your help and advice from your staff.
Maxine Belcher, FL

Judith Knight, AZ, Ireland Castle Tour, September 2017

I wanted to write and tell you what a perfect trip Colin, Ruth, and the rest of your staff planned for my husband and me. It was the best group tour we have ever taken! Everything that was planned came off without a hitch starting with the driver that picked us up at Dublin Airport. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Colin to make sure we got there and that everything was okay—brilliant touch! Because of the 12-hour flying time, layovers, and time changes, we were exhausted when we arrived and really needed the two days to recover. Unfortunately we did not take advantage of the sites we planned to see in Dublin but did spend the time with a cousin I had not seen in 50 years. When our tour began, we met Paddy our drive. It was great to learn that there were only 14 people in the tour. We were all very compatible and Paddy was the best! The castles were amazing and the accommodations were wonderful. The people of Ireland were so warm and helpful, and the pride in town and country was uplifting. The highlight of the tour for us was Ashford Castle. The most amazing thing we did was the “hawk walk”. It was something very special. I can’t begin to tell you how great all of your staff was. They were concerned, patient, informative, and helpful. They didn’t miss a beat! Bravo to Sheenco!
Judith Knight, AZ

Martin Randle, NY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2017

We had a really wonderful trip. We felt like we got a good feeling of both Ireland and Scotland – the beautiful scenery, great people and great cultures. Sheenco really helped out when we didn’t like our first driver/guide in Scotland. Our second guide/driver-Gerry- was great. He was talkative, informative, and knowledgeable and when we asked about something he couldn’t answer he looked it up and told us the answer the next day. James in Ireland was also outstanding. We especially enjoyed Inverlochy Castle- a beautiful old castle with great rooms and the tasting dinner was amazing. Trinity City Hotel in Dublin was also great as we both got complimentary room upgrades. All of the other accommodations were very good. All in all it was an outstanding trip and we will recommend your company.
Martin Randle, NY

Deb Craig, IN, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2017

Our trip was amazing! My husband said it was his favorite trip to date. Normally after a week we’re ready to come home, but we could have stayed another week in Scotland. Having a private driver, Douglas Allison, made the trip the best! Looking forward to going back. Thanks.
Deb Craig, IN

Anne Morris, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2017

Our Scotland trip was absolutely wonderful thanks to the planning done by Sheenco Travel and our wonderful driver/guide Andy Machen. Each day was a new adventure! The trip totally lived up to our expectations. Our favorite accommodation by far was the Kingsmills Hotel. It was so lovely! We really enjoyed the Carlton George in Glasgow too, but Andy complained he couldn’t drop us off directly in front of the hotel due to traffic restrictions. We didn’t mind the short walk, however. Our only concern was that we should have asked for rooms on lower floors in advance in hotels without lifts. We had heavy luggage and my husband had some difficulty with climbing so many stairs as the hotels without fail put us on the top floors. This happened at the Kingsmills, the Bosville, the Atholl Palace and the Dalhousie. I think they were trying to give us great views, which we did, but the Dalhousie had 52 steps to our room. It was a lot at our age.I especially would like to commend the driver/guide Andy Machen. He was prompt each morning and really optimized our itinerary so that we actually saw MORE than what we had planned. His dry humor and knowledge of Scotland and excellent driving skills made it fun to spend so much time with him. We made a friend.Thank you for all your support!
Anne Morris, IL

Connie & Bill Hunt, CA, Custom Self Drive, July 2017

Our entire trip was absolutely fabulous. We credit our wonderful sightseeing experience to our driver, Paul Hehir whose expert knowledge of the country, sites, history, languages and traditions was both educational and fun. His love and pride for Ireland was contagious. The hotels were fine, with the exception of the Europa hotel in Belfast. The best by far was the Brooks Hotel in Dublin. The service was excellent, the staff very friendly and helpful and the rooms were exceptionally nice. We thank you so very much for planning and executing our dream vacation. There was always someone who promptly assisted us with our concerns. Again, thank you for all that you did.
Connie & Bill Hunt, CA

Diane DiBonaventuro, PA, Custom Self Drive, July 2017

The Falconry was also very informative and fun. Both highlights.While it was an early day, taking the Ferry to Harris was definitely worth doing. I wish we had brought a box breakfast/lunch, as nothing was open when we arrived and it was probably around 11 before we found a place to get a scone and a cup of tee, but not a big deal. The Calanish standing stones were very interesting, particularly for those with an interest in those kinds of things and, unlike Stonehenge, we were able to walk through and around the stones. As we were there first thing, we were also there alone which was very cool. There was an interesting Broch nearby and the Black House village near Calanish was much more interesting than the one that is up near Stornoway.The weather was great with the exception of our one golf day. However, even that worked out to our advantage. It was pouring rain the morning of the round and the two-some we were paired with canceled at the last minute. That allowed us to take their caddie. The rain stopped on the second hole and we had great weather the rest of the round. One suggestion, if you are scheduling golf for a client you should mention that one needs to arrange the caddies in advance. Had the weather not helped us out we would have been playing the course blind, that would have been tough.We decided to stop and see the Glenfinnian Viaduct to see the “Harry Potter” train bridge. We arrived around 11:30. Apparently, if you get there later in the day you can see the steam train cross the tracks. The train crosses around 3:10 in one direction and 3:20 in the other during the summer. You can also see it around 10:30AM. The parking attendant said it gets pretty crazy but if you have Harry Potter fans it would be good to know the times. I would say get there at least a half hour before hand. There is a 5-10 minute walk to see the viaduct.I would say our favorite hotel was Cuillin Hills Hotel in Skye. The setting was gorgeous. We also loved Glengarry Castle Hotel. I think we had the best rooms at both. Kincraig was very nice, but we had to go up the stairs then down the stairs then back up the stairs to get to our rooms. Once we got there, the room itself was fine. There was a very warm and friendly feel and the breakfasts were great, so we could deal with a few extra steps.The one disappointing hotel was the last one. We stayed at the Carlton Hotel in Glasgow. It was kind of bleak, especially compared to all the great hotels we stayed. But more than that, we had to park the car 3 blocks away and we couldn’t drop-off our bags because the street the Hotel is on is closed to traffic between 7AM and 7PM. It would have been nice to know that in advance. We would have timed our arrival better. We got into town around 4 and it took a while for us to find it let alone get to it. I would also recommend getting a dinner reservation in advance. By the last day we were pretty exhausted and it would have been nice to have a plan. We had one for the first day we were in Edinburgh, and it was very helpful. We ate at each of our hotels at least once and the food was, in general, very good.Overall we had a really great trip. Sheenco Travel did a great job.
Diane DiBonaventuro, PA

Nina Snyder, CA, Custom Self Drive, July 2017

We had a fantastic time! The airport pick up was Great! Our driver was knowledgable and very friendly. The power went out right after we cleared customs and the doors would not open and as i understand it, people had a really hard time leaving and some missed flight connections because the airport shut down. Well, the Snyder family had arrived. LOL. Our driver navigated out of the airport when everyone was crowding the one seemingly working door.The staff at the Bonham were very nice and stored our bags. What might have been an oversight for me, is knowing we were going to be doing a ton of walking, better rain proof walking shoes. The rain was sideways and an umbrella was senseless. So a hat would have been a better idea. At any rate we managed and found food and Princess Street. Now what would be a great suggestion for you to tell others is, if you want to avoid massive data charges on your phone for GPS purposes, there is a free app called maps.me and you must load it on your phone ahead of time. Then when you arrive at your destination and have wifi, you load your location and it works just as good as any GPS program without using your data plan! It was great! The second day in Edinburgh, we realized a few things. We learned, not just that night, but the entire trip, that in Scotland- even in your own hotel, without reservations you may not be able to get dinner. We live just north of San Francisco in the heart of Wine Country. This is a big tourist destination and many of our upscale eateries do not take reservations. We are used to arriving at a place and waiting for a table. Reservations are a must in Scotland.After picking up our car, we continued on to what I would say was absolutely my favorite location Glengarry Castle. I have no idea why this is listed as only 3 star compared to the other establishments. This was the most wonderful area, and the people inviting. I suppose the breakfast was not a wonderful as the Bonham but it was delicious and you cannot make up for the ambiance. For future guests, dinner reservations are a must as there is nothing else around even close so perhaps suggesting, the dining at the establishment. While we were there we did try to visit Stirling Castle, but we found out talking to locals once there that parking is an issue. We were unable to park at Stirling Castle and drove in circles surrounding the Castle Hill and could only locate a one hour zone. So the hike up to the castle, which is lovely by the way, took up at least 20-25 minutes and that was at a brisk pace. I was afraid to get a ticket or towed so we we could not go inside Stirling Castle, we would not have had enough time. Unfortunately, later I discovered that William Wallace’s sword is on display there and I am sure my husband will never let me forget he didn’t get to see it! While at this stop in our Journey, we did not take the trip to Skye. We discovered that the approximate driving times listed were just a little faster than we could manage. Once behind a truck or other slow moving vehicle, passing just wasn’t an option. So our average speed was about 40 not the posted 60 in many areas.I Just loved everything about Glengarry, Invergarry. The greenery, the peacefulness, the castle ruin. I loved the secludedness, the peace and the friendliness of the staff. The breakfast was hearty and dinner was very nice-both nights. The rooms were clean and there was plenty of room for the three of us together. Now, the husband and daughter didn’t list this as their favorite stop, but my opinion is the only one that matters! just kidding. Oh, and by far Eilean Donan Castle really is a must as you said. What an absolute gem!We moved on to Kingsmills Hotel. This was my daughter’s favorite room but not her favorite city. We received the family room which was across the parking lot in a very contemporary building. Thus, this was my least favorite because of that. We were not in the main building which had all the charm. However, the rain style shower made up for it. Walking into Inverness was pleasant, and although there was rain it was nothing compared to Edinburgh. Urquhart Castle was breathtaking and very enjoyable.Macallan Distillery was near impossible to locate. The first map took us to the middle of a forest and said we had arrived. It is a much longer story but after giving up, decided to try again as we had driving 2 hours to find it. Turns out they are under massive construction and the tasting room was very hard to find. We did eventually find it but could not tour the facility as those reservations are at least 2 weeks out! There were a bunch of other distilleries along the way and we ate lunch at Glenfiddich, which was very nice.We continued on from there to Dalhousie Castle stopping at Castle Blair along the way. FYI the food at this Castle was not so good and I would suggest stopping for lunch somewhere else other than the castle but still visit the castle. The Falcon experience was super fun and we really wish we could have done the archery. As far as Dalhousie Castle is concerned: the staff was great. We missed the dinner hour on our last night due to the underground Edinburgh tour. When we returned to the Castle, having had no supper, even though the kitchen was closed they were willing to make us a few cold sandwiches and deliver then to our room. That was very nice. When we made this booking I believe you asked us about health, due to the amount of walking we would do but the stairs in this Castle! 96 stairs from the front door of the Castle to our room at the top, carrying 35 pounds of suitcase each. I actually video taped the ascent and posted on my FB and Instagram pages. This should be a warning for some, it was A LOT of stairs! Also, dining in the dungeon was really fun and wonderful, thank you very much.Lizzie, my daughter, was still very much wanting to go to the Witchery and by luck was able to reserve an odd hour 3pm for last sitting lunch the day we took the underground vault tour. That dessert I had that day was the best dessert I had the entire week. Too bad their service was terrible. Even at lunch, we seemed to be off in a corner and the odd hour, must have been shift change for them as we had 3 different waiters for one meal, I never got the coffee I had asked for. Therefore, for all its hype, the one great dessert does not make up for the lack of service for such an acclaimed establishment.The last suggestion, I have for you to recommend to future guests is in regard to the rental car. We were supposed to fill the tank before delivering it to the airport. However, search as we tried, from Dalhousie Castle to the airport as the car GPS navigation took us there were NO gas stations. The rental car people told us that it happens all the time, there are very few stations along the routes into the airport. The suggestion would be to get gas the day before coming into Dalhousie.Thank you again for putting together our travel plans! Should we jump across the pond again, we will certainly be in touch!
Nina Snyder, CA

Cindy Vizi, ON, Custom Self Drive, July 2017

The trip was amazing. We wanted to stay in castles and see castles and we did. Driving in Scotland on some of the roads was scary. Our weather was great. The staff at every Castle was amazing, friendly. Nice. Every room and meal were great. The breakfasts were all great.High teas were great. If we had to choose Kincraig castles high tea was the best. Service at Inverlochy was exceptional. We had the most fun at Dalhousie and Fonab. The archery and falconry was lots of fun. The walks around Fonab to the town of Pitlochry were great. We loved the town and the shops. Restaurants, Heather gem outlet. We saw how the jewellery was made. Fonab castle was elegant and fun without being stuffy. Kincraig isn’t really a castle but really large beautiful house We drove to The falls of Shin and saw salmon jumping. It was great. And the town of Dunoch was lovely too. Thank you for all your help.
Cindy Vizi, ON


Joseph Amiel, NY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2017

Our family trip to Ireland was a wonderful experience that was truly enjoyed by all nine of us, from ages 80 to 15.  Cognizant of our desires and budget, you crafted a trip that brought us to all the sights we wished to see and others you advised us we would enjoy.  The hotels you picked were excellent without exception, and the guide/driver you chose, Danny McCarthy, was a delightful and knowledgeable conductor throughout our tour of western and southern Ireland.
Joseph Amiel, NY

Mark Sumsion, UT, Custom Self Drive, June 2017

The trip was great.  The Grand Hotel and Spa in York was by far the best place we stayed.  The location is great, the rooms were luxurious and the staff excellent.  It is the finest hotel I have personally stayed at, and we enjoyed it immensely.  The Waldorf Caledonian and the Residence had different pros and cons.  I would certainly not rate the rooms at the Caley as a 5 star hotel, but I think you mentioned that was to be expected in Scotland.  Obviously, traveling by train, neither location was ideal, but the Residence was a bit far and more removed from restaurants.  However, we liked the rooms, particularly the size, much more than the Caley.  Finding Enterprise in Edinburgh was a bit difficult as the location is hidden on the bottom floor of the parking structure, but once we found it, their staff was great.  The Glengarry was a perfect location for what we wanted to do as it was right at the crossroads to Loch Ness, Eilean Donan and the Jacobite Steam Train.  This ride is a fabulous way to see the countryside, particularly when it is hard to enjoy the sites as much while actually driving a car.  I would recommend taking the morning train, as Mallaig was rather a disappointment in the afternoon when many shops already started to close.  The Glengarry was also nicer than expected.  Although 3 stars is probably accurate and it has no lift, the bathroom was enormous and the room good sized as well.  If we ever make it back, particularly if we make it to Ireland as originally desired, we will certainly use Sheenco again.
Mark Sumsion, UT

Mike Henderson, MN, Custom Self Drive, June 2017

We had a terrific trip.  Extra warm weather that we did not expect! We really loved Ashford Castle. Our babysitter, Caliste was great with our boys, the breakfast each morning was terrific, the dog walk every morning was fun, the rooms were tremendous (boys loved the auto blinds!), the falconry school was an amazing experience as was the zip line and tree climbing, the hikes thru the woods were amazing – we could go on and on!  The pickup to airport and back out to airport at trip’s end was on time and one less thing to think about.  The last castle, Ballyseede, was interesting – definitely a castle, although a bit worn and we had two basement rooms and the kitchen closes at an early 8pm, nightly. All in all, it was a fantastic trip that our entire family enjoyed and will always remember. We met many friendly and interesting people and saw so many unexpected sites that we will never forget. We may be in touch in a couple of years or so to book a similar trip to Scotland!
Mike Henderson, MN

Adrian Green, FL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2017

We had a fantastic week. Without doubt the highlight of the week was Douglas. Thoughtful, respectful, intelligent, knowledgeable, caring and personable, he went “off piste” a few times at our behest and came up trumps every time. Fonab was exceptional. I would go back there any day. The castles were castles! The countryside was spectacular. The scotch was good! The fishing was poorly done. The Taste of Scotland show was rather cliche and long winded. But it was ok to spend a few hours. Our group was great. The van was fabulous and the whole tour was received very well by all who participated in it. Thanks for all your efforts.
Adrian Green, FL

Ashley Simmons, LA, Custom Self Drive, June 2017

We had such an amazing time! The people, the locations, the entire country was absolutely amazing! We were planning to travel to Sweden next year but we decided we’re coming back to Ireland. You guys planned an amazing vacation for us. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to express how much we enjoyed the experience, how grateful we are for it, and the quality of the time we spent there. The local people treated us with extraordinary hospitality. The driving and locations that we visited were Beyond Compare! Thank you so much, we plan on coming back next year.  Ireland has ruined all of Europe for us, because nothing will top it! Also you should add Tipperary to your list of places for people to visit we had an amazing time there.
Ashley Simmons, LA

Aria Guarino, MD, Custom Self Drive, June 2017

We had an absolutely amazing honeymoon in Ireland. All of the accommodations were lovely with no complaints! Our favorite locations were Kilkenny and Ashford Castle. In Kilkenny, we did a Guided Cycling Tour with Kilkenny Cycling Tours. It was absolutely fantastic. The guide and owner, Jason, grew up in Kilkenny and showed us all of the best sights – the churches, the castle, the mural of the witch trial, an old abandoned mill building, etc. He was so knowledgeable and really contributed to our trip. I highly recommend this tour to other travelers in the future. Another favorite attraction in Kilkenny was Sullivan’s brewery. We happened to stop there for lunch and fell in love with the malt red ale. We even took two liters home! We also really enjoyed listening to the band Drops of Green at the Left Bank pub.At Ashford Castle, the staff went above and beyond to make our experience extraordinary. They decorated our room with candles and rose petals, gave us complimentary appetizers and desserts at dinner, and even some whiskey on the house in the billiards room. We did the Couple’s Massage which was incredible. I have never had a massage that good. We had Dylan as our instructor for the zip lining and archery. The zip lining was comparable to other zip lining experiences I have had; I would not necessarily recommend this as a must-do activity, though we enjoyed it very much! The archery instruction was incredible, and Dylan had us popping balloons with our arrows by the end of the session. The hawk walk was also incredible. Just FYI, the 60 minute session was more around 2 hours due to the introduction beforehand and the instructor answering our questions afterwards. Not sure if that’s typical, but we loved every minute.Thank you again for everything you have done to make our experience perfect. I would highly recommend Sheenco Travel to any of my family and friends. We could not have had a better honeymoon, and believe that our carefully saved funds were well-spent!
Aria Guarino, MD

Steven & Bernadette Bondell, GA, Custom Self Drive, May 2017

We had a great time and the itinerary and accommodations your arranged were excellent.  As you know, two of the hotels are on very busy streets, the Granville in Waterford and the Twelve Hotel in Barna.  Both are wonderful choices but we tend to go to sleep early and start off in the morning early and had trouble sleeping in these locations with all the road noise.  We just should have requested rooms not facing the street.  The staff at all the hotels were great but the Fitzwilliam Hotel staff and particularly the concierge were extremely friendly and helpful.I highly recommend the the Mary Gibbons tour of New Grange.  The guide on the bus is her son and he is an archeology student and historian and loaded with information.  We opted for a tour bus for the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle peninsula.  We drove from Ballyseede into Killarney for both tours.  For the Ring we had made a reservation with the Killarney Tours Big Red Bus company and the pick up in town at the Corcoran Tours office resulted in us getting the last two seats in the middle of a 4 seat back bench with no view out either side, despite having made the reservation weeks in advance.  Also the guide was very nice but tended to mumble and we did not get nearly as much info as on the Dingle tour, which we did with Deros.  That guide was excellent.  Deros and some other tour bus companies offer the option to pay extra for priority seating, which we did.  These seats are towards the front and are not really any better but it was worth it just to avoid the possibility of being last on and getting the seats in the middle of the back bench.The Wineport Lodge of course is beautiful.  There was one relatively minor complaint about the Wineport.  Our suite was the very last one immediately next door to a room in which there was a party function that evening with a very loud singer who could be heard clearly through the wall.  That evening we were tired from the road noise in Barna and were looking forward to a peaceful night.  We did talk to the owner and he bought us two drinks in the lounge and assured us that the entertainment would stop at 10, which it did and the party pretty much broke up by 10:30 and it was quiet after that.  We do think that we should have been informed of the party when checking in and given an option for a different room.  Most people would not have cared because they would have been out eating and drinking till at least 10:30.The weather was very “cooperative” and we took the ferry to Garnish Island and the Gardens there are very much worth seeing.  We also drove from the Twelve Hotel and took the Ferry to Inishmore and took a tour bus there and our guide Rory was very good.  I highly recommend climbing up to see Dun Aengus.  It was partly rainy that day but the we were very glad the weather was good enough to allow for this side trip.The highlight of the trip was the Cliffs of Moher.  We were lucky to have great weather that day and the cliffs are a must see.  One suggestion I would make is that the original itinerary had us leaving Dunraven Arms on the drive to Gallway and visit the Bunratty Castle, and then go on to the cliffs.  We arrived in Adare early enough the day before to check with the Hotel and then drive to King John’s Castle and also go to Bunratty Castle before coming back to Adare for our room which by then was ready.  Although Bunratty Castle is on the way to the Cliffs, there is so much to see at Bunratty Village and so much to see and walk to at the Cliffs that it would have been difficult to fully enjoy both the same day. We were very happy that we visited Bunratty the day before.  Also it was better to get to the cliffs early before it gets unbelievably crowded.  The parking lot was so crowded by the time we left, cars were searching for an open space.Thank you all for a wonderful trip and we will definitely recommend Sheenco to anyone wanting an excellent trip to Ireland.
Steven & Bernadette Bondell, GA

Brianna & Joe Kelly, MN, Custom Self Drive, May 2017

Both my husband and I had a fantastic time on our trip. We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon. Everything went very well and we had no issues with any of our hotels/castles/events that we participated in. We greatly appreciated all of our upgrades at our hotels and everyone was very friendly and helpful while over in Ireland. We were very pleased throughout the planning process with everyone at Sheenco Travel and how fast everyone was at responding to our questions and requests. We have already told many friends and family about our trip and Sheenco Travel. We have posted many pictures on our facebook and everyone has loved seeing them.  We wished we could have stayed longer for there was so much more to see and do, but for the time frame that we were there we enjoyed every minute of it and have no regrets of where we stayed and all that we did.  There was never a dull moment or a dull sight to see. We hope to go back to Ireland one day.  Thank you all at Sheenco Travel for your wonderful service and making our honeymoon trip a dream come true.
Brianna & Joe Kelly, MN

Deborah Broome, OK, Custom Chauffeur Driven, May 2017

Our driver Mike Dooley was a jewel and a real asset to the trip. He knew so much history and found us places to visit that were off the usual route,  such as the flying boat museum – that fascinates me as I am a pilot.   He and Mark had wide ranging conversations over a myriad of subjects. With the exception of the Europa in Belfast, the accommodations were superb.  The castles of Ashford, Dromoland and Balleysede are absolutely amazing. The staff and cleanliness in all areas was amazing.  The hawk walk at Dromoland was the best thing ever!  I never knew I could fly a hawk and pet an owl! The wolfhounds of Ballyseede and Ashford are such gentle giants and so loving. Foxford Woolen mills are fascinating.  Thank you so much for the great holiday.
Deborah Broome, OK

Sean Bruce, MD, Custom Self Drive, May 2017

Sheenco Travel did a wonderful job for us with a very difficult task of trying to accommodate multi-generational travelers.  From the pick up at the airport to the last night at Powerscourt things went very smoothly.  Our only “issue” we came across was at The Granville Hotel in Watersford, and that was for some reason they had us in a triple room (three single beds in a small room).  We finally got them to put us in a King room and we made it work fine.  Overall, of all the places we stayed, they were probably the least helpful and accommodating.  I think overall we all felt that the Dromoland Castle was probably our favorite stay – we could have spent the entire week there.  They were very welcoming and gracious from our arrival through departure.  They took personal attention to us and made us feel as though we’ve been there many times.  We had afternoon tea in the Drawing Room in front of a large fireplace and dinner at the Thomond Restaurant.  Even though it was a 5 Star hotel and dining, the staff couldn’t have been friendlier and inviting.  They even took my wife and daughter on a mini ghost tour to some of the areas they say they’ve seen Lady Ethel walking the halls and sitting in the old library (now the Pub). Waterford was probably our least favorite stay.  Somehow it didn’t quite measure up to the other places we visited.  If we did it again, I would stay longer in Killarney – such a beautiful town and The Malton was such a great hotel.  We didn’t get out to the Ring of Kerry – my Aunt and Uncle were not too excited about the roads and were a bit nervous to spend that much time driving around, but we spent the day at the Muckross Estate and took a jaunting car around the property.  Everyone really enjoyed this as we could see everything without having to walk too far.  The Brooks in Dublin was fantastic as well and we can’t say enough nice things about our short stay at the Powerscourt Hotel – this was another place that we could have stayed much longer to really enjoy what they had to offer.  Everyone there was fantastic.  We ate dinner at McGills and they were great and the food was very good.  Thanks again to Sheenco Travel for everything they did to make this a truely wonderful vacation.
Sean Bruce, MD

Tania Massia, ON, Escorted Castle Tour, October 2016

I just got back from my second Escorted Ireland Castle Tour with Sheenco Travel, and my vacation was as wonderful as it could be! The accommodations were fit for royalty, and the our group was blessed with sunshine on most days! Our driver Mark was extreamly knowledgeable, and he was more than happy to accommodate us when we wanted to visit nearby locations that weren’t specified on our itinerary! That’s a major advantage to going with a slightly smaller tour group. My favorite castle was Ashford Castle, and getting to do the Falconry was a major highlight in the trip for me! The Giants Causeway was breathtaking, as were all the great views along the coastline! Thanks for another amazing adventure through Ireland! I look forward to returning again someday! 🙂
Tania Massia ON

Jeff Linzer, GA, Chauffeur Driven Tour, September 2016

Once again Sheenco Travel came through with a wonderful getaway for us. We really had a great time. The hotel in Dublin was very nice, the service was very good, and breakfast excellent. We were able to go and do the Guinness Connoisseur experience. This was really very interesting and it was fun being able to go into the private bar and actually pour a pint or two on our own. We then went to Arthur’s pub on Thomas Street for dinner. Our driver/guide, Paddy picked us up bright and early next morning and we started on our adventure. We did get to drive along some of the very narrow back roads which I really did enjoy. The Cliffs of Moher were very beautiful. Staying at the Lough Inagh Lodge was among the best surprises we had. I would highly recommend this as a principal stop for your guests staying in that part of the country. The Lodge was wonderful, the people were outstanding as was the service, and the food was just outstanding. On our first night we became involved with the discussion with the group sitting next to us. This one older gentleman in the group was particularly thoughtful and perceptive as we talked about a variety of issues. After he left the table one of his dining partners asked us if we knew who he was, we said no, and he said the gentleman’s name was Seamus Mallon. He had come up to Lodge to do some fishing. I can see why he is so highly thought of. One of the fun finds was stopping in the little town of Clifden. We only spent a short time there but I think this would be a fun place to stop for lunch and do some shopping. We did stop at the Connemara Marble Visitor’s Centre in Moycullen and picked up several very nice pieces. Paddy had told us a lot of good things about Kylemore Abbey including what a great meal there known to serve. Apparently all the tourist buses stop there. Instead of a special place with good food it was a tourist cafeteria with nothing particularly special about it. We did not have time to visit the gardens only to stop for lunch. Perhaps visiting the gardens would make this stop worthwhile but I would not recommend it as a meal stop. Paddy was very nice and had some very good stories and great jokes to tell. All in all we really had a very wonderful time and hope to be able to come back and visit your beautiful country again very soon (though we may have to mix a little side trip to Scotland in with that). Again thank you to you and your team for giving us a wonderful time on our vacation.
Jeff Linzer, GA

Christine DiMartino, FL, Custom Self Drive, September 2016

We had the most amazing trip. The weather was great everywhere we went. We even had sunshine on the beach the day we went horseback riding. The navigation system in the car was key in getting us everywhere we wanted to go. The accommodations were great. Of course the castles were amazing. They upgraded us to the kings suite in Clontarf Castle and my husband had an experience with a long past guest (ghost) that kept him up half the night but it’s fun to talk about now. Several people have asked us how we planned such an amazing adventure and we were most happy to share your agencies name. Thank you so much for helping make our fabulous memories!
Christine DiMartino, FL

Barbara Stewart, VA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2016

 Everything went very smoothly. We enjoyed Belfast more than I thought we might. The Titanic museum was great. And the Europa was very comfortable and helpful. Danny was SO good – we all enjoyed him immensely. We spent Saturday with our relative and although he was much different than 16 years ago, Danny took it all in stride. They ended up singing Johnny Cash songs for us – a duet!!! And Portrush was a fun place to be. The City Hotel was not as nice but we understood why it was in the best spot to walk places and we were able to shop in the Craft District. The Hilton at Dublin was a disappointment as the girls had a bed and 2 sofa beds, why not 2 beds I don’t know. Our oldest put the 2 mattresses together and it was OK as it was just one night – someone on the staff was helpful and told us of a small town nearby where we found a lovely restaurant for dinner!! The weather could not have been better and Danny took us to a favorite place of his on Sunday, the Slieve League Cliffs. We had a picnic and loved it. I don’t think that the trip could have been any better, just longer!!! Thank you all so much, especially Colin who was very patient in helping me plan. We will surely recommend you to friends wanting a great trip to Ireland!!!!
Barbara Stewart, VA

Michael Mullan, VA, Custom Self Drive, September 2016

First of all the overall logistics were fine…No hiccups in pickups and drop offs etc. The drivers were excellent..respectful and good company as well as flexible and good humored. We would be glad to have them again. The hotels were a mixed bag. The Camden Court was, for our taste, charmless but adequate. The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore was potentially very attractive but despite its spectacular location our stay was influenced by the fact that there was a constant thick fog which eclipsed the view of the ocean. In the absence of the views the hotel was modern and efficient but very much in the Spa/resort model…not really our thing. However we did have a nice trip to Waterford and helped the local economy by purchasing several presents from the glass workshop. We had a pleasant trip over to Kenmare with a stop in Cobh and Bantry. The Hotel at Sheen Falls was really special with a great view of the waterfalls and an elegant atmosphere just to our liking.The town of Kenmare was not too crowded and we took advantage of a fine evening to stroll through the streets and do a little shopping. The sightseeing around the ring of Kerry was very attractive despite changeable weather for some of the more spectacular scenery. The drive up to Galway was straightforward with a quick view of Limerick and surroundings. Bunratty castle was a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be crowded and touristy but it turned out to be quite interesting. We were able to take in the Cliffs of Moher and the weather helped us get good views of the panoramas. Glenlo Abbey was a very nice surprise since we had been spoiled by Sheen Falls. It was very tasteful and relaxing .. certainly worth a second visit. We did some nice local touring focusing as we had all along on houses and gardens and enjoying the scenery. We had a lovely trip to Kyle Abbey in excellent weather. The trip up to Donegal took us through Yeats country and we did the usual Yeatsy visits with great interest since we are both big fans.We really enjoyed the scenery in that part of the world. As rugged as it is it has a particular charm and is very evocative. We were looking forward to Lough Eske hotel since it appeared to continue our experience with Sheen Falls and Glenlo. However, we were quite disappointed to discover that not one of the rooms had a view of any lough. The hotel in Belfast was a letdown from the excellent country hotels we had been enjoying ..but adequate. We had a wonderful trip around the coast in great weather including the typical sites.. Giant’s Causeway etc. Scenery was spectacular..We left the hotel and were able to take in the Titanic museum which was very interesting and then on to Newgrange to see the neolithic sites which was really fascinating. The less said about Clontarf Castle, the better. Comfortable rooms and decent food to be sure but the decor for our taste was a jumble of styles that do not mesh well. Still, it was close to the airport so we got there promptly. So..all in all,a very enjoyable trip. We were particularly impressed about the great neatness of the places we visited. This idea of town to town competition for cleanliness and tidiness is a great idea. Every little town was impeccable and the scenery was a treat.
Michael Mullan, VA

Kathryn Nechanicky, SC, Custom Self Drive, September 2016

Overall, we had an amazing time. The Ashling hotel was a great step off place for us to begin our Ireland journey. The staff was highly professional, and very welcoming. Though your offices were closed for the weekend, I still received an email confirming that we had to pick up our rental on our own, which was helpful. Ballyseede castle was phenomenal. The staff went above and beyond when we arrived. Esther especially made us feel right at home! The Lodge at Ashford was great. Our accommodations and wait staff were wonderful. The castle itself was exceptionally beautiful. We forgot to make arrangements for the falconry school, so missed out on that, but the gardens made up for it. Lough Eske Castle was equally as phenomenal as Ashford. From the staff, to the accommodations we were highly impressed. I think we would list this as our favorite or our tour. I even visited the spa, and enjoyed a relaxing massage. The girls were very friendly and courteous throughout my entire experience. Ballygally Castle was our next stop, though we made our experience enjoyable. The reception upon our arrival was less than friendly. We were told even before she looked us up that our room was not available and made to feel as if we were an inconvenience. When we came back we had a different greeter and she was much kinder. I would say we did not interact with the staff here as we had previously done in our other accommodations. Even the staff at our continental breakfast made us feel as if we were a nuisance. The bartender, even though extremely busy with weddings both nights, served us with a smile on his face and kind words! Our last stop, the Clontarf Castle was interesting. We arrived on a date that they were hosting an antique show. Which normally, no big deal but parking was horrendous. Their lot was clearly not built for the show and guests of the hotel. But the staff made up for it for sure. In short, the small synopsis your company provided on our day to day travels was great. Though we didn’t always follow your suggestion, we did use a lot of them. In general the staff were all friendly at our locations, with the exception of Ballygally. We highly thank you for your fantastic trip. We will recommend you to anybody we know going to Ireland, and will use you in the future if we choose to return! Your staff was always friendly with us when we had questions.
Kathryn Nechanicky, SC

Nancy Hagerman, ON, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2016

My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Scotland. I am so glad that I came across Sheenco Travel  on my tablet and that I followed thru. From my first contact with your company until we were taken to the airport to come home, all the planning and the actual experiences turned out extremely well. The accommodations you suggested  for us  were great. Our favorite was the Glengarry Castle Hotel, Invergarry. Our room was very attractive, comfortable, and huge; the food was delicious, and the setting of the hotel was simply spectacular. We also really enjoyed our stay at the Carlton George Hotel in downtown Glasgow. The location was perfect for walking the pedestrian only streets, and for catching the hop on hop off bus. The decor in our room was very smart, especially the tartan tile in the bathroom. It was very pleasant in the roof top restaurant, and of course the complimentary drinks in our room was a nice touch. Although the art deco architecture of the Drumossie Hotel, Inverness was interesting we would have preferred being in downtown Inverness, where we could have stepped outside and strolled by the shops, restaurants, etc. This is not important because we weren’t catching a plane or train; but the hotel missed giving us a requested wake-up call 2 mornings in a row. (The one thing I forgot to take was a travel alarm clock). Also the room was the strangest shape, not much wider than the length of the bed. However the bathroom was modern with all the amenities. One of our favorite experiences was touring the Royal Yacht Britannia and having afternoon tea on the ship. I want to tell you how wonderful our driver/guide Grace Anne Coyle was. From the morning we met I believe we all felt very comfortable together. She played a big part in our enjoyment of the trip in the Highlands. Her personality, knowledge, a d driving skills were perfect for the job. All of the arrangements made for us, such as having the special ‘ambulatory disabled’ card for special entry into the Tatoo, worked perfectly. We are very happy to recommend Sheenco Travel to our family and friends. In fact, I’ve already been asked how we planned such a fantastic trip. Many thanks to all of you at SheencoTravel.

Nancy Hagerman, ON

Holly Vandehei, ON, Custom Self Drive, August 2016

Thank you for a wonderful trip; I could spend an hour writing about all the wonderful experiences, here are some of the highlights: We enjoyed having a private transfers to and from the airport- this made our arrival and departure stress free, and Nigel provided a very warm welcome and a lot of into about Ireland and Dublin that we greatly enjoyed. While we were sad to leave, it was nice to see him again upon our departure as we know we would have a safe journey back to the airport with no delays. The rental car was super! Volvo V40, very sporty, great fun to drive and provided plenty of leg and luggage room when our friends hopped in for our week in Northern Ireland. We were really please and happy that we did not take the rental agents suggestion to spend an extra 20euro per day for a BMW.  The accommodations. Wow. We loved all of the Hotels/Castles you arranged. Each one was unique but all were very well appointed, clean, roomy, friendly staff and well located. I have to say Ashford was definitely the highlight (as expected).  In retrospect, 2 nights may have been in order. We got an extra surprise when our friend who lived just outside Cong had her brother, who works at the hotel, deliver chilled champagne to our room; so the whole experience was really great.  Also really enjoyed dinner in the dungeon. We appreciated that in all the accommodations, you arrange rooms with great views, its the little things like that which made this a memorable vacation. We did the 90 min extended tour at the Falconry school- and that was a real highlight. Would definitely recommend that to anyone staying at Ashford. As for things that were not so great. We did find that there were a LOT of unruly children literally running around the bar at the Parknasilla Resort quite late at night, and we just couldn’t brave the pool till after 7pm when it was adults only. I would recommend a heads up to future guests who may be on vacation without the kids that it is a very family friendly resort.  But the rooms were beautiful and we really enjoyed touring the trails, also a great starting point for the Ring of Kerry so I did quite enjoy the stay there. Sheenco definitely deserves the title of a Luxury tour company and we hope to travel with you again in the future!
Holly Vandehei, ON

Shelley Cluff, MI, Custom Self Drive, August 2016

While it is fresh, I will make some comments on our wonderful trip! Corrigeur Lodge was amazing!  James was THE best to work with as he had suggestions for sights to see and how to travel there.  We really appreciated his input and he was so very accommodating during our stay. Dalhousie Castle:  we could have stayed here longer!  What an amazing experience!  The staff was wonderful, the food incredible, and we loved how they went above and beyond to answer questions for us.  Truly a great experience. Rusacks Hotel was very nice.  We weren’t there long enough to have much interaction, but enjoyed our time. Holyrood hotel was nice too.  Not remarkable, but not bad.  We did have a poor experience with the restaurant.  We showed up 10 minutes before the end of the breakfast and the host was quick to tell us that breakfast was almost over and made us quite uncomfortable for showing up during their advertised hours, but toward the end.  They even were vacuuming the restaurant while we were there. Military Tattoo:  WOW! Cuillen Hills:  our room was unswept and had a dirty napkin on the tea tray.  They corrected it, but it was a shame to have that first impression.  Otherwise, the view is killer and worth the drive. Kincraig Castle:  another experience in remarkable service.  We appreciated them as well and had a wonderful stay. Everything went smoothly and even with the loss of Leslie’s purse, your organization helped to resolve that as efficiently as you could. Thank you for making this once in a lifetime trip everything we expected.  We will recommend your company!
Shelley Cluff, MI

Cassandra Goldstein, IN, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2016

Last year I contacted Sheenco travel by email about a possible trip to Scotland. I had been on their web site and saw that they arranged tours in Scotland. I had recently finished reading the 9 volume Outlander series and dreamed of seeing the beautiful country-side myself. Soon after sending the email. I received a call from Colin Grant, a travel consultant with Sheenco who carefully interviewed me about all of my wants, needs and desires concerning a trip to Scotland. By early November he had submitted a beautifully detailed itinerary to me that my husband and I quickly approved. Colin was so very responsive and attentive to all of my questions and desires. He only cautioned me that we had not set aside enough time for all I wished to accomplish and that turned out to be true. However, that simply means we must return. Our first hotel in Scotland was the Holyrood near the Royal Mile – quite comfortable and well situated. Our driver/guide, Lloyd Smith met us our first morning and I cannot begin to describe what a charming, knowledgeable young man he is. We shared our backgrounds and found many things in common. We told him how we wished to “tweek” the itinerary (I HAD to see the “standing stones”) and he told us how he thought the drive from Invergary to Inverness might be more interesting by going west so we could see the coast. Everything worked perfectly and he always knew the BEST place for lunch. Our first day with visits to Hopetoun House, Blackness Castle and Firth of Forth were wonderful and Lloyd was so helpful as he got to know us and our interests. He was able to advise us on the amount of time to spend at each stop based on our interests and the amount of energy we had. Glengary Castle in Invergary was our favorite accommodation – again a reason to return. While in Inverness we did the boat tour on Loch Ness, Culloden Field and Center (could have spent all day) and a visit to Clava Cairns to see the standing stones. The Rocpool was an interesting combination of friendly and luxurious and an added visit to a music store in Inverness gave me insight into the local musical culture (one of my requests of Lloyd). It was a long drive back to Edinburgh but we loved the stops at Falkland and Culross. Our final castle Dalhousie was beautiful but do you know; castles don’t have elevators? Seven flights up with 2 50lb suitcases. Poor Lloyd! He was a very brave young man! Everything about our trip was beautiful and “life-changing”. Thank-you Sheenco, Colin and Lloyd. You and Scotland will forever be in my heart.
Cassandra Goldstein, IN

Joanne Carlon, NJ, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2016

Thank you so much for all of your help with our trip!  Everything was wonderful – the hotels, the itinerary and especially our driver/guide, Mark Lyons. Mark definitely made this trip extra special for us. He was knowledgeable and funny and made our days memorable. We would definitely recommend him to any of our friends, as well as request him when we hopefully make a return trip. There were so many more things we would like to see – I’m sure we will be back someday soon. Thank you again for a vacation we will remember forever.
Joanne Carlon, NJ

Richard Cook, FL, Ireland Castle Tour, August 2016

We had a wonderful time on our Castle Vacation.  I am sorry we didn’t fly in a day ahead to get over our jet lag and just do very little. Dave, our driver/guide, was fabulous.  He was knowledgeable, witty and smart.  All our accommodations were very nice, and the food  and service were excellent.  On the day we went to the Giant’s Causeway, we stopped later at a castle ruin to explore.  This could have been left out.  It was too much for one day. Another reason we enjoyed the trip so much was because it was a small group of six people.  That was great. All the tours were interesting.  We thought the Irish people were so lovely and friendly, which added even more to the value of the trip.
Richard Cook, FL

Allen Lev, FL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2016

We just completed a fantastic week in Ireland arranged by Sheenco. It  included six days with a tour guide/driver and van, and eight nights booked at hotels. The rooms were exactly as requested, all  four or five star establishments. We complement our driver, Mike Dooley. He placed Ireland in an historical and cultural perspective with stories and visits to the appropriate spots. We were rarely on a schedule and could stop for as long or short a time as we thought appropriate. We were traveling as a group  of four with very different physical prowess. Mike found places for the more active to hike or golf while the others were able to move at a more leisurely pace. We were always able to find appropriate places to eat, without being tied to a specific spot. Our van was roomy and extremely comfortable, but with one of us in the third seat, we would have benefitted from a speaker device. We were able to enjoy the countryside without ever having to navigate, or more important, worry about driving on the left side. Sheenco promptly responded to our requests, emails, and telephone calls.
Allen Lev, FL

Eliot Gilbert, TX, Custom Chauffeur Driven Golf, August 2016

Everyone had an “INCREDIBLE” time.  The itinerary was wonderful, as were the hotels, golf courses, sightseeing and dining recommendations. In addition, Kenny, our driver, really made the traveling part of the trip very enjoyable and easy. Even the small issue with the size of the van was handled quickly and professionally by your staff and the van operator. Please thank your staff for giving us such a great experience, and memories for a lifetime. I’d also like to thank you for helping my daughter arrange to have a fantastic cake made in Ireland and delivered as a surprise for my birthday during our tour. We will certainly recommend Sheenco, and would not hesitate to use your company again.
Eliot Gilbert, TX

Tom and Mary Jean Walker, FL, Custom Self Drive, August 2016

Overall we want you to know our trip was great and thanks to your arranging our accommodations. The first stop, the Kensington Hotel was fabulous…we were given a king bedded room and I must say the beds and pillows at the Kensintgon are the BEST.  The bathroom floors were heated, windows opened(important to us)  The staff at this hotel was marvelous, the dining room food delicious.  What a great location. We next took the train to Edinburgh, and it was a packed, busy day, and at first we did not have a seat reserved but after the first hour the wonderful conductor, Rachel, found us two seats in the same car but not together, so all was well.  The Caledonia in Edinburgh great; the beds and pillows wonderful…all was new and very 2016.  Food was good…tea here was especially delightful. The next journey by car to Invegarry was difficult because we had two flat tires by the time we got to Fort William.  The scenery on the way, Lochlomond etc breathtaking.  A call to the RAC and help came immediately … put the car on the truck and us in the front cab of this huge lorrie and off we went to Invegarry.  Invegarry, what can I say…the most beautiful scenery, faboulous people, fabulous food, great hiking…overall peaceful.  The room was large… clean…not very updated but this did not matter when we were surrounded by such lovely people in such a lovely place.  After two days the lorrie appeared again and took us to Inverness airport where we gave up the car.  Hertz said “no worries” you had super coverage and his quote “you could have driven it(the car) off a cliff and it would be covered”.  We taxi’d back to the Kings Mill Club…wonderful beds, pillows and delightful bathroom.  People here kind, generous and welcoming.  Food very good as well….we rested and walked, hiked around town etc. Train to Aberdeen and to Norwood House.  Train ride uneventful…reserved seats…journey was not first class but we did receive money back from the ticket counter people.  Norwood house very very nice.  New very large room and bath…loved the area..took bus to town and walked a great deal.  If we were  to go to Aberdeen again we would take tours to the various castles close by.  The desk receptionists were very nice, Vicki and Laurenn, but overall the staff very cool.  The hotels main focus is selling weddings;  everyday the bar and library were filled with people trying to book weddings and service to hotel guests was non existent. ….  food service especially lacking, but food was good.  We enjoyed our stay there anyway and would stay there again as it is close to Robert Gordon University where Tom had some meetings.  This is where I left my phone.  We could not exit the  hotel’s front door and our luggage etc was carried, pulled by the two women, and us through reception rooms and hallways to reach a fire exit to the car park….it was in this maneuvering my phone must have dropped and did not double check when we got into our taxi.  Through immediate phone calls to them I asked them to express the phone to me at Dalhousie Castle.  Well the staff did nothing.Though I called and tried everyday to make something happen.  It wasn’t till I called Sheenco (Clare) (Nicola) did any positive action happen and for this I am forever grateful.  Thank you again. Dalhousie Castle was our last stop and it was 3 grand days were spent there.  The first night was spent high up in the castle in a super large room very plain and ordinary décor but great–72 steps to get there…loved it.  The next two nights were spent in the themed room you reserved for us and this was extremely nice although a smaller room.  We had a great time exploring this castle.  A little quirky, higgledy piggly as you put it, but fun.  The staff was great, and the weddings that took place while we were there were so lovely and guests could come and go and do whatever and the weddings just went on around us.  Andrew their bag piper was most interesting and their desk people very competent in their jobs.  We mostly hiked and were fascinated by the falconry.  I spent lots of time with the birds. Their Kylie and Garreth who run the falconry love their birds and take such supreme care of them.  This was special.  So on 8/15 we flew home….flights wonderfully uneventful…all is well…and we cannot thank you enough for planning this trip..we want to go back to Scotland and spend more time in the highlands. We would definitely use your services again whenever we decide on our next Scottish trip.
Tom & Mary Jean Walker, FL

Steven Whitten, AL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2016

All went wonderfully.   Our driver/guide, John Joe, was fantastic.  We covered about 18 counties, about 13 castles/manors/abbeys, Cliffs, sheep farm/dogs, mountains, lakes, hawks and ruins. Ashford Castle was definitely a highlight. I don’t recommend Fitzpatrick too much; it’s ok, but it is not being well maintained and the staff is very green. The driver for airport transfer was also very very good.   John Joe could not have been better.  Want to use him next time too. We will be back to cover the Southern area and Ring of Kerry. Maybe this Spring.
Steve Whitten, AL

Sherri Patterson, IL, Custom Self Drive, July 2016

We had a wonderful time and were real lucky with the weather for the most part. All of the Hotels were clean and quiet which is always a real plus in my book.  The George Hotel was lovely. I would go back there for sure. The Norwood Hall Hotel was nice and conveniently located. The Drumossie was conveniently located just outside the Inverness City Center and was nice. The restaurant choices also were good. We had a Volvo station wagon which was quite nice for all  of the touring that we did. We saw lots of castles and walked quite a bit. Of all of the cities, we all loved Edinburgh the most, hands down. There was so much to see and do there without a car. Aberdeen was my least favorite city. More industrial and dirty. Just my opinion. The hotel made sense location wise to drive out into the country to visit castles and one distillery. Sean toured two distilleries in the country, the other being your suggestion Edradour. We went to the distillery Royal Lochnager right by Balmoral Castle which we also toured. We definitely did not allow any grass to grow under out feet! We all enjoyed our experience so it was a win win! Thank you for assisting us in planning this trip to Scotland.
Sherri Patterson, IL

Stephen Pettit, TX, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2016

I think I speak for the entire family when I say that the ground side of this holiday was spectacular.  All of the transport arrangements went perfectly.  The cars were great and the drivers were even better: punctual, friendly and informative.  The accommodations were well chosen and well run.  (Having managed a 5 start resort in the Caribbean for over a year, I can say this with some authority, having seen how it works from the back of the house.)  My personal favorite was Ballynahinch, but everyone has their own view.  In all it was a great success.  Our thanks to you and everyone on your team.
Stephen Pettit, TX

Dana Hoffman, IN, Custom Self Drive, July 2016

We had a wonderful trip. The accommodations were lovely. The car rental was easy and the itinerary was good. We visited 5 castles, fairy pools on Skye, Culloden and the nearby standing stone circles. We also took a day trip to Thirlestane Castle, the home of the Maitlands, which is my mother’s family.
We went to the Highland games in Invergarry, which was a great day. I really have nothing negative to say about the trip. Thank you so much for your help and I will call you when we are ready to come to Ireland!
Dana Hoffman, IN

Heather Tesdal, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2016

I wanted to let you know how amazing it was. Also that having Sheenco as our travel company made everything perfect. Our accommodations while in Ireland were above expectations. And would return or recommend the hotels to anyone! Ashford Castle is spectacular. I felt like royalty. Our transportation while there was also perfect. Having a private driver is the only way I would recommend as well. Just perfect. Our drivers were all fantastic but got very attached to Dan.  The people of Ireland are the friendliest I have ever met. And the food there is simply amazing. We also felt extremely safe. I have recommended your company and Ireland to many people. Thank you so much for giving us the best trip.
Heather Tesdal, IL

Mary Butler, CT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2016

We had a wonderful trip to Ireland and loved experiencing the different nuances in each area that we visited. Kenny our driver was great; informative, sense of humor, flexible and struck a good balance of professionalism and friendliness. Would recommend him highly. Our first stop was Trump Doonbeg – as much as I hate to admit that we stayed at a Trump property, the accommodations, staff and cuisine were all exemplary. They also offered complimentary shuttle to and from town so when Kenny was done late in the evening it was a nice option for returning to the hotel. Our next stop was Ballygarry House – again it was lovely…nicer than expected. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the pub/ restaurant was bustling on a Sunday evening and our waiter was a riot. The rooms were very nice as well. Our third stay was the castle where there was a slight glitch in the rooms but that was followed up by Ruth and taken care of right away. Pros of the castle: unique experience with more personality than a regular hotel (dogs, ponies and donkeys led to the charm), we liked the various main floor rooms to have drinks or tea, sit by the fire, play chess, lovely room decor, pretty grounds. Cons: our room was on the lowest level so not really any view of the lovely grounds, Wifi didn’t work well, breakfast didn’t start till 8 which wasn’t great for golfers heading out early. Actons hotel was perfectly situated for all we wanted to do in Kinsale, rooms were nice – the only negative was that we were on the first floor so although there was a harbor view, the first thing you noticed looking out the window was the roof in front because you were right on top of it. I’d suggest requesting higher floors for your clients in this location as with the castle. Our final stop was the Brooks Hotel in Dublin…lovely. Smaller room but perfect for Dublin in terms of central location and the staff was wonderful. The guys loved all of the golf courses they played – they got more wet on some than others but the experience was unparalleled.  Thanks for a great vacation!
Mary Butler, CT

Joe Cheung, HK, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2016

The Journey in Ireland was wonderful. Our driver/guide Nigel was exceptional. He talked and explained the surroundings and showed us around places even if we couldn’t stop. He managed to re arrange the itinerary to show us what was most important to us and we had a good time. He brought us to the hotels by around 6pm each evening which still left us some time to relax at the hotel or castle and also enjoy breakfast rather than rushing to go. Nigel showed us what a professional tour guide is like. We loved him. He is what we are expect when we pay for a luxury travel services.
Joe Cheung, HK

Stephanie Miller, TX, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2016

Thank you Sheenco for helping us plan an amazing 12 night trip through Ireland (Dublin, Kinsale, Kenmare, Dingle and Cong (Ashford Castle)). Skeptical in the beginning, we are so glad we opted for a chauffeur driven trip. Mike Dooley knew all things “Ireland” and he was a very enjoyable companion on our trip. Not to mention his ability to navigate the winding, narrow roads! Mike made our trip much more memorable – he took us to places off the beaten path and ensured our every comfort. He is a true professional and always made thoughtful suggestions to enhance our itinerary. Sheenco Travel  was also able to book excellent rooms with stunning views at all of our hotels. The rooms (and views) at Ashford Castle and the Sheen Falls Lodge in Kenmare particularly exceeded our expectations – they were absolutely top notch! We loved our destinations and are in awe of the beauty throughout Ireland. All of your representatives are very helpful and a joy to work with. Our trip went off without a hitch and we would highly recommend Sheenco Travel to anyone travelling to Ireland. Thank you and your team for such a memorable family trip for the Miller family.
Stephanie Miller, TX

Elizabeth Burgess, TX, Custom Self Drive, June 2016

We had an amazing vacation in Scotland.  Thank you for all the arrangements and assistance. The personal transfer driver met us in the arrival hall, just as you said he would.  He was well dressed, very friendly, drove safely and had plenty of space for us and our luggage.  He was a wonderful start to our travels. The Holyrood Hotel was beautiful.  They were prepared for us, and were able to get us into our rooms within 20 minutes of our arrival at 8:00 am!.  The hotel was beautifully restored, comfortable beds, plush robes and slippers, complimentary newspaper.  They had a lift and everything was nicely accessible for Grandma in a wheelchair.   The staff was wonderful about getting us taxi’s, the breakfast was either a buffet with cereals, yogurt, fruit, and pasteries, or a hot meal of eggs, meat or porridge.  We ate one dinner in the dining room, it was delicious and well presented. Picking up the rental car at Hertz was a long process.  The office was busy and we did have to wait about an hour.  However, they were friendly and the Ford Galaxy worked out well as far as space.  It was a challenge driving a larger car on the tiny roads in Edinburgh city center, but once we got out of the city, it was fine.  We did our entire trip on one tank of diesel. We drove from Edinburgh to Stirling, to Fort William, to Glengarry Castle.  The recommended sights were helpful and corresponded with our plans also.  Close to Stirling Castle and battlefield is the William Wallace Monument – very worth our time (we are big history buffs, and love the movie, Braveheart), and the Castle Doune (used in Monte Python and the Holy Grail and Outlander the Series).  Doune was one of my personal favorites.  They have an audio tour narrated by Terry jones of Monte Python and the hero from Outlander. Glengarry was Amazingly beautiful. The staff was very friendly, grounds were fantastic and lots of fun to explore.  The castle ruin on site was fascinating.  It was all I could do to keep my teenagers from climbing the fence to go explore.  There was one flight of stairs to our room, but the steps were even and the banister was solid so Grandma did not have any trouble there.  We ate dinner in the dining room and were pleased with hamburgers and seafood.  On Wednesday, we went back into Fort William and took the Jacobite train to the west coast and back.  It was another highlight.  Not only are we huge Harry Potter fans and enjoyed seeing the Hogwarts Express model, but the scenery was beautiful, and we had a chance to meet other passengers to talk and get a taste of Scottish culture and politics. Our drive from Fort William to Inverness was also amazingly beautiful along the shores of Loch Ness (we kept watching for Nessie, but she was hiding). Our hotel in Inverness was another highlight.  I was surprised when our final itinerary changed  from Drumhousie Hotel to Lochlardil Best Western.  It was an excellent choice.  Lochlardil is a 20 minute walk to city center and was set in a safe and well light neighborhood of beautiful homes.  My teenagers walked downtown and explored the riverside parks safely and easily.  Our room was perfectly accessible with a walk in shower with grab bars for Grandma, excellent beds and great water pressure.  The staff was so friendly and small.  Our porter was also our waiter for dinner and bartender in the evening, then our waiter for breakfast.  Everyone was happy to give us directions and ideas for shopping.   Breakfast was another beautiful buffet with cereal, eggs, meats, yogurt, fruit, and pastries.  The dining room at dinner time was also tasty and well presented.  We had salmon and pasta, and burgers all to everyone’s liking.   As we drove around, we found Drumhousie on the southeast corner of town.  It is a beautiful setting, but Lochlardil was much closer to the activities we were interested in. In the Inverness area, city center had a good pub scene with lots of live music and crowds, but certainly not as large or expansive as Edinburgh.  There was a nice mall with stores like we have in the US, but for more local wares, the choices were pretty limited.  The Colloden Battlefield and Museum were also well worth our time. Our drive back to Edinburgh included a stop at the Blair Athol Distillery which was my son’s favorite part of the trip, and a stop off at Beatrix Potter’s summer home where she wrote Peter Rabbit in Dunkeld.  It was cute, but not what I was hoping.  The garden was flowers and grass, instead of Mr. McGregor’s vegetable patch.   Dalhousie Castle Hotel was our last stop.  The setting and castle are beautiful but honestly, was probably our least favorite.  It was poorly accessible, four steps up, then a flight of stairs, then two up, four down, two back up and two down to get to our room.  All the steps were uneven, floors uneven, and poor, or no banisters.  Grandma had a hard time.  The porter came to help, but was not as quick or attentive as the Inverness staff.  We had dinner in the Dungeon dining room.  It was very tasty but presented with small portions, with long delays between courses (longer than any of our other Scottish meals), the dining room was hot and stuffy.   Our bedroom was nice, good beds, but not an accessible shower, only a deep tub with one grab bar and inconsistent hot water.   The grounds were nice and there was a falconer on site, and a castle tour which had to be booked ahead of time. Returning the rental car went smoothly, and we returned home without incident, souvenirs intact. Thank you for arranging beautiful accommodations.  Everything went smoothly and we had a wonderful time!
Elizabeth Burgess, TX

Jill Esham, KY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2016

My family and I had a wonderful experience in Ireland; both with the destinations and with our tour guide, Mike Dooley.   First I’ll talk about Mike.  I can’t say enough about his wonderful personality, his knowledge of Ireland, his promptness and communication skills.  He helped us adjust our plans as needed; stopped as needed for bathroom breaks, bank stops and even a phone store to replace a broken phone charger.  He went above and beyond to drop us off close to the entrances in locations where my mother (89) wouldn’t need to walk any more that necessary. I would travel with him anywhere.  He was great.  The itinerary was also great.  It was well thought out to provide a broad exposure to Ireland’s history, architecture, city and rural, scenic wonders, etc.  We enjoyed the various accommodations; all different and all served great breakfast.  Ashford Castle was the cream of the crop, unlike anything I’ve stayed in before.  We took advantage of its boat tour, falconry class and archery, which made for a very memorable day.   Irish whiskey in my morning porridge — what a treat!! Overall, I’d give our experience 5 stars out of 5.  I would recommend Sheenco Travel to anyone.  Thanks for a wonderful experience.
Jill Esham, KY

Donna Milord, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2016

We had a wonderful time in Ireland! Both Colin and Nicola did a wonderful job in assisting me with the itinerary and making arrangements and accommodations. I especially enjoyed that we were close to “the action,” in Dublin, Killarney and Galway. We were able to walk everywhere and take advantage of the miraculous weather. Our favorite hotel was the Killarney Park – superb! Our driver, Dominic, was wonderful! We were so happy to have him guide us and make recommendations throughout the trip.
Our last evening and overnight at Clontarf Castle was a terrific way to end the trip. We had a wonderful meal and felt like royalty! Sincere thanks to all at Sheenco Travel!
Donna Milord, IL

Judy Rochette, BC, Custom Chauffeur Driven, May 2016

Can’t say enough good things about the itinerary you chose, and Jerry Horgan, our driver/guide’s ability to tweak it for us.  I can’t think of a single major problem. The Galway Hotel was so concerned about scaffolding outside our windows that might affect our views that they gave us free tickets to the show Trad on the Prom. Fitzpatrick Castle – loved the big stone balcony for each room – we all walked up to the tower on the hill behind the castle then returned for afternoon tea (very yummy) on the balcony (and/or beer).  Had supper in town at a pub.  Slept like a log that night with the windows open and the ocean cooling the room.  Buried myself under the down duvet.  The lady giving the guided tour at the Rock of Cashel was very funny and droll.  The description of the restoration work makes you realize how difficult it is to keep these heritage sites intact.  Blarney Castle needs many days to see it all well!  When I’m on vacation I like having quiet time… and Ballyseede Castle was that.  From the resident dogs to the open access to coffee/tea in the lounges and the surrounding green space (comes with ponies and donkeys!  🙂 ) it was a pleasure.  The staff were top notch in their smiles and desire to please and provide service.  We had supper here the first night – good value for price and the food options were tasty and broad enough for all. From Ballyseede on the first day we went to Dingle rather than the Ring of Kerry as we wanted to fit other things in and going to Dingle meant a shorter “circle”.  We went over – think it was Conor Pass – reaffirmed why I didn’t want to drive.  🙂  We went out the coast far enough to see the Skellig’s (did I mention we had great weather?  We could actually see the Islands), and visited a rock shop in the area for “acquisitions” by the geologically interested in the group (ie. most of us) of local marble, etc.  Had lunch in Dingle – amazing fish and chips and chowders.  In Killarney we went to Torc Falls and spent some time in town – did some shopping.  Back to Ballyseede for supper.  The next day we stopped briefly in Adare then headed over to Bunratty Castle and Durty Nellie’s.  The Cliffs of Moher were gorgeous and powerful and it was raining a bit here – gave “ambience”.  Then 15 minutes later it was again gorgeous weather for prowling around rocks and ruins in the countryside too.  We saw the Burren area – Jerry wouldn’t let me kidnap a pony foal – said it wouldn’t fit on the bus… sigh… The Galway Bay Hotel was more modern than Fitzpatrick or Ballyseede.  The rooms were ocean view and comfortable.  We had a fast supper in the lounge the first night in order to make the Trad on the Prom show (which we did enjoy!).  Again, good food for the price.  Don’t have too much else to say about the hotel as we didn’t really spend much time in the hotel since we were out touring quite a bit. Kylemore Abby was visited by some while others went for a walk/hike in the Connemara National forest nearby.  Stopped off at Ross Errilly Friary afterwards. We went into the nearby town of Cong and prowled the Abby and town though.  Jerry tried to arrange a “sheep hugging/border collie working the sheep/peat cutting” experience but we weren’t able to get to the site before the farmer had to return to his fields..  Returned back to Galway for supper.   The breakfasts at the Galway hotel were satisfying! On the last day we spent a couple hours in the morning in Galway (the story of the Magdalene women is tragic) then headed towards Dublin… and managed to get Jerry sidetracked to Clonmacnoise then dredged his knowledge banks/history for info on the peat industry and he actually found us an off-the-beaten path place where we could go fondle some turf.  I think we need to come back…
Judy Rochette, BC

Nancy Doss, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, October 2015

I just wanted to let you know how much we truly enjoyed our recent vacation we booked through you. We had a private chauffeur driven tour that was absolutely fabulous. Our driver, John Fleming, was excellent. He took us all around your beautiful country stopping wherever we liked and wherever he thought we would be interested in. He took us to many local places so that we could experience your food and customs. He was very informative. It was truly a wonderful trip.
Nancy Doss, IL

Darlene Galloway, FL, Custom Self Drive, October 2015

I had a fabulous vacation.  My 50th birthday celebration exceeded my expectations.  The Fairview Guest House was quaint and comfortable.  My two nights stay at Dromoland Castle was marvelous.  Dromoland’s staff members were very attentive and they made me feel like a princess.  Ashford Castle was spectacular!  I regret only booking a one night stay.  I was not impressed with Clontarf Castle Hotel, but they were located in close proximity to the airport. The rental car was comfortable but we were unable to use the GPS and had to rely on our cell phone maps for directions. Dee Doyle was very patient and helpful in providing this great travel experience.  I would definitely use your company to book future travel to your beautiful country.  I will also highly recommend Sheenco Travel to others.
Darlene Galloway, FL

Adrian Blanchard, NL, Custom Self Drive, October 2015

We had an amazing time! Everything worked out perfect and the itinerary you guys planned was fantastic. Really enjoyed Ireland and hopefully we will return one day. Highlight of the trip was staying at the lodge in the Ashford castle grounds. Absolutely stunning place and I actually proposed to my girlfriend in front of the castle. Thank you so much for all your help and I will definitely recommend Sheenco Travel to anybody I know planning on going to Ireland.
Adrian Blanchard, NL

Donna Wissinger, FL, Custom Self Drive, October 2015

We had a fabulous time on our tour, thank you! It was the perfect mix of history, golf, adventure, and culture. Highlights occurred daily!  We loved Edinburgh–Apex International worked perfectly–great view, perfect location, and lovely breakfasts.  We got going immediately upon arrival and loved Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat (Angie might have divulged her plan of a ring!–perfect choice of place and the ring is fabulous–it was a great moment of living).  We enjoyed the Witchery first night. We also happened upon the Surgery Museum and spent much of Wed 30th morning there.  Whisky Experience was fun–we met a young couple with whom we much enjoyed tales of travel and music, Amber was lovely and perfect close to evening. Hertz worked out well and I somehow navigated Edinburgh traffic and got us to St Andrews via Dunfermline, Perth, and Dundee!  Self driving was perfect for us–per your suggestion, we brought a Garmin.  It would have been a disaster without it. Thank you for that invaluable suggestion.  Golf at The Castle Course was unbelievable–thank you!  Could not have imagined it as sublime as it was.  We enjoyed the Fairmont, and Torrance Course was nice as well.  It was perfect to schedule Castle first as Torrance was nice, easier followup both in difficulty and physical exertion. The Grange was exceptional–food beautifully  prepared and presented.  I hate to say we called and cancelled the Tavern; we were tired and driving at night was more than I wanted to do.  I am sorry we missed it. We stopped at the Golf Museum in St Andrews on Saturday 3rd and enjoyed it–we also saw some of the players in Dunhill Tournament around at Fairmont–some were playing on 18th hole day we visited St Andrews–we just peeked.  The drive to Stirling was lovely and one highlight was meeting a family that evening in the Stirling bar.  A few of them had lived in Stirling, they now live in England. They were altogether to spread the ashes of their mother/grandmother near the castle.  We visited with them for a long time; they pulled up my website on iPhones and played segments!  They asked me to play so I played my penny whistle for them at breakfast–great fun. People are always the highlights; the Scots were more than helpful as we were not shy about asking for directions or tips and everyone of them was generously forthcoming. Stirling Castle is fabulous—docents in costume and so much interactive for children.  Have I mentioned that everyone told us that we had the best weather they had had since May?  Perfect for us. All worked out well getting back to Apex–nice welcome from the staff. Hertz in Dublin was great–convinced me to take nicer van–oh the vans were perfect size for all of our stuff–thank you!  Van was standard shift–I took a chance and loved it.  Angie was a great navigator and we managed well–some off track moments but generally smooth.  Portmarnock was perfect—we took the bus into town and loved Bank on College Green.  We enjoyed the course very much and loved the Brazenhead experience!  It surpassed expectations–so full of information and insights.  We bussed in and then took a cab as time was short–he then came and took us back to Portmarnock–a nice luxury. Drive to Ballyseede was lovely–we loved the Castle and staff, a special treat.   We did stop at Rock of Cashel—free that day and we arrived one minute before tour!  Perfect!  Darcy’s was lovely as well–great food and great value.  We ate at Ballyseede next night which was lovely too after a fabulous day playing Waterville and driving parts of the Ring of Kerry.  So amazingly incredible.  We could not believe the beauty and dramatic views. Everyone was lovely—traffic was light and easy. Cliffs of Moher were stunning–we had our first rain just as we got back into the car.  Drive to Galway was lovely along the dramatic Atlantic.  I think we ate in the bar after a walk around town. We stopped at Trim on our way to Clontarff—wow.  The guided tour again exceeded expectations–we learned some things we had not previously on the castle tours.  I am thinking we ate in the bar again at Clontarf and received lesson about rugby. Go Ireland! Thank you for a memorable tour!
Donna Wissinger, FL

Rick Yanchar, WI, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2015

We are happy to report back to you that our trip was a terrific time for all involved. The hotels were quite nice, as were the breakfasts which came with them. The drivers were all prompt and pleasant. Our first driver, who was Karen, said it was her first time working for your company. She was nice enough to give us a brief drive around the old section of Edinburgh before dropping us off at the Holyrood Hotel. She refused our offer of a tip! Our driver for the day of touring, Charlie, might have been a bit frustrated that we spent a bit of time at Stirling Castle, as we did not have time to get over to Glascow, but we chose instead to try to get to Delhousie castle which we did by about 4:30. More about that in a bit. Our driver to  the airport, Allen, was 15 minutes early for the 5:00 am pickup which was quite reassuring. The suggested itineraries were quite nice, and we probably picked out the typical touristy things to do. One thing we decided to skip was the side trip to Blarney castle. We chose to tour the Jameson distillery instead, which was fun. Having done that, we decided to not tour any Scottish distillers. The castle stay was far too short! We realized that it would have been better to not have it be the last night (when we had to catch an early flight). We realize that it gets booked up more for weekends, so it may not have been easy. It was quite pleasant dealing with you and your staff throughout the process of setting up the trip and coming up with the final itinerary. My sister and brother in law had not done a trip like this before and they enjoyed themselves immensely. Regards to you and your team, and should we wish to do this again, we will search you out!
Rick Yanchar, WI

Michelle Flynn, TX, Custom Self Drive, September 2015

We had an amazingly wonderful trip to Ireland, and REALLY appreciated all of your fantastic recommendations for both accommodations and itinerary.  The dining recommendations that Nicola provided were also delightful. We really enjoyed all of the hotels & castles, but our favorite was Ashford Castle (of course!!).  It was simply amazing in every way.  We also really enjoyed each one of the others as well.  They all had nicely decorated rooms, as well as nice restaurants that were convenient for breakfast and for dinner when we were too tired to venture out.  The locations were also really great for touring the surrounding areas.  We commented almost daily that your selections were really “spot on” with what we had hoped for, so thank you soooooo much for helping make our trip to Ireland a very special one.  We will be back at some point, and we will definitely get back in touch with you when we do!!   Sheenco Travel made a HUGE impact on the quality of our time in Ireland.  What a wonderful country . . . and by the way, the weather you ordered up for us was absolutely PERFECT!!  It only rained once during our entire two week trip, and that was just after we checked into our last hotel the night before we left Ireland!!  The rest of the time it was as perfect as perfect can be!!
Michelle Flynn, TX


Rich & Donna Brunelle, MA, Escorted Castle Tour, September 2015

I just wanted to personally let you know, that I don’t think that our recent trip to Ireland could have been ANY better!!!  O.K., maybe a little more sunshine, but neither of us have any control over that.  The accommodations at the castles were great, the food was great, and our guide / driver Mark was GREAT!!!  Mark really knew a lot about Ireland and its history, as well as a lot of things that we saw along the countryside.   It was nice that we were a small group, because we really got to know the others that we were with.  I took over 600 pictures… I just couldn’t stop!!! It was a busy week+, but we were never bored.  So a big THANK YOU to Sheenco Travel for all of the hard work and planning that you did. Thanks again and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rich Brunelle, MA

As you know from my husband’s email our trip was unbelievable!  Everything was perfect……..pick up at the airport, all of the castles (I really cannot pick a favorite as they were all so unique and wonderful), the itinerary, the transportation arrangements…….we could not have been more pleased.  Our tour guide, Mark Lyons, was INCREDIBLE!  He was such a great guy.  On our very first day he made us feel so welcome and comfortable that it felt like we knew him our whole lives.  He was personable, funny, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable.  We learned so much about Ireland during this trip.  When we asked for recommendations, whether it was where to eat lunch or where to buy the best sweater or gift he always gave us 2 or 3 suggestions and was always spot on with any of them….we always found what we wanted and at reasonable prices.  Mark made sure that our trip was the trip of a lifetime……and for us it certainly was.  We will certainly be keeping a close eye on the trips offered by Sheenco Travel and will recommend your vacations to all of our family and friends.  A huge thank you for making this a trip we will always remember and cherish!

Donna Brunelle, MA

Demi Tsialis, NY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2015

I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for making my Scotland dream a reality. I thought the trip to Ireland last year couldn’t be beat, but I was wrong. A gentleman was waiting for me upon my arrival to take me to my hotel. (A lovely ride) The hotel in Edinburgh was centrally located and was able to enjoy walking around the city and exploring as soon as I checked in.  A day later my tour guide, Loyd Smith, was waiting for me to drive through the Highlands and absorb the beauty Scotland has to offer. I was in awe.  There are no words to describe how beautiful the sites were, the castles, the hiking – ALL OF IT!!! Loyd was terrific – he was eager to show me the sites and shared the history as well. We figured out what fit my style and went exploring!! (and walking – did a lot of it) – I wanted to breathe the fresh air. The Nevis Bank Inn was quiet and quaint and located a good enough distance to where we needed to be. On my last night I stayed at a picturesque castle with the kindest staff. Everyone in Scotland is kind and genuine and made me feel welcome. Since I’ve been back – I can’t stop talking about the trip. Again – I can’t thank you and your team enough.  Can’t wait for the next adventure……
Demi Tsialis, NY

Richard Reisman, CA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2015

We returned home last night from our wonderful two week tour of Ireland that you organized. I would like to share some thoughts with you. The itinerary that you arranged was quite good as were the hotels and castles that you selected for our stay. We were most pleased with our driver/guide, Mr. Dave Costello. He was delightful and incredibly informative on all subjects. He is like a walking encyclopedia! He made suggestions to the itinerary including some much appreciated additions to the tour. During the long drives, he would entertain us by reciting Irish poetry, singing songs, and sharing jokes. We very much enjoyed spending our days with Dave and we felt that we were all good friends with him by the end of the tour. I can’t say enough good things about him other than to say that you are lucky to have someone of his caliber to work for your company. Nicola did a good job in helping us to select restaurants during our stay and we were most impressed with the quality of the Irish cuisine. We enjoyed the performance of Riverdance but substituted Trad on the Prom in Galway for Siamsa Tire, thanks to the recommendation of Dave. I would highly recommend that you offer that show on your itineraries. Thank you again for doing an excellent job arranging our trip to Ireland.
Richard Reisman, CA

Susan Steffee, TX, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2015

Our trip to Ireland was wonderful!  The countryside is such a contrast to where we live and the people are unbelievably kind and friendly.  Our driver, John Fleming, was flexible, very knowledgeable, helped with reservations and took us to some local places of interest that were not on the itinerary.  He sincerely wanted to make our trip enjoyable and we loved his sense of humor.  Our accommodations were outstanding!  We wanted a variety and that’s what we got – the  Shelbourne Hotel (magnificent!), 3 castles, a farmhouse and a city hotel.  Ballyseede and Dromoland Castles were great, Dromoland being our favorite!  Clontarf Castle was a bit cramped and was very crowded to the point that we were unable to eat at either of their restaurants.  Also loud music and singing went on into the early morning hours.  The farmhouse was delightful.  Only recommendation would be that there be someone there to help get bags up the steep, narrow stairway!  Service at all our accommodations was outstanding!!Overall we were able to see and experience everything we wanted to …and more!  This was due to your well-planned itinerary and a knowledgable, flexible driver.  We would highly recommend the chauffeur driven tour to anyone who wants a more personal, flexible tour.  We loved it!!
Susan Steffee, TX

Richard & Carol Barber, AZ, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2015

Thank you all for the effort you put in to make our vacation/holiday one of the best we ever had. Every thing worked like clock work. The drivers were all on time and very helpful. The hotels were outstanding. Your group is one of the best groups I have ever dealt with and if I get the opportunity to use you again I will do so without a single thought. Des was a very professional and accommodating driver. He took us to places we would never had seen on any bus tour. As for the hotels they were all great. The Pembroke hotel in Kilkenny was okay, but since it was the first hotel after staying at the Shelbourne you can understand the comment. We loved your country, the people really made us feel welcomed. Again, thanks for all your help and please thank Nicola for all that she has done for us. Do hesitate to contact me if you need more information.
Richard & Carol Barber

Virginia Potter, TX, Custom Self Drive, August 2015

We could not be more pleased with the trip! It was amazing and an experience that we will always cherish. We ran into one snag with the hotel in Inverness not having two rooms reserved for us plus the one room they had was a twin room. I called Ruth right away and she straightened it out in a flash. Here are some things we especially appreciated:
  • The self drive worked out perfectly – the days weren’t too long with driving, and they were broken up nicely with things to see along the way. Through your reservation, we ended up with an Alambra SUV for the car from Hertz, and it was the perfect size for all of our luggage and we were super comfortable the whole day.
  • Aberdeen worked out very well for us — we had dinners in the city and then during the day we went to the beach and then two castles – Dunnotarr at Stonehaven and then Craigivere Castle.
  • Pitlochry was one of our favorite places! I would have loved to stay there even longer–maybe on another trip!
  • Your distillery recommendations were spot on.
  • The Bonham and Fonab were outstanding. Everyone was so kind everywhere. The castle hotel in Invergarry was so special–we loved it. Brandi and Steven were convinced their room had a ghost!
  • It would have been great to know that some places (such as Invergarry and Pitlochry) are best to eat at the hotel and not try to search for other places. The hotel restaurants were the best around, and we called ahead to reserve a spot and it’s good that we did since they were so busy.
The trip was so amazing! We can’t wait to go on another one.
Virginia Potter, TX

Dave McPherson, AZ, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2015

We had a marvelous visit to Scotland!  Everyone of my family had an almost indescribable time.  Thanks to you and Ruth and your team for enabling it! Transportation arrangements in both London and Edinburgh were efficiently provided and the staff were very professional. Accommodations and services provided in Scotland were outstanding with one exception.  The services and food at the Rocpool Reserve Hotel were outstanding however one of the reserved rooms required descending about 15 steps in a curved pattern to reach the bathroom facilities, a challenge in daylight and certainly not recommended at night.  The seats at the Tattoo were absolutely the best!  Thanks to Ruth!  We had a wonderful experience which exceeded our expectations!  In our collective opinions, your selection of Alan McKenzie as our guide and driver was most important and rewarding to my family!  We have been the benefactors of very excellent guides in various countries around the world and Alan ranks right at the top!  His professionalism, courtesies, intimate knowledge of history, geography, interesting facts and curiosities, made our days the best!  His attentiveness to our grandchildren with his pledge to “make this most memorable” for them could not be surpassed.  He was humorous and engaging as he involved them is all aspects of their adventure.  I must say, he was the same with the adults, but exemplary with Maisie and John.  My recommendation is that Sheenco utilize Alan whenever possible, he was absolutely amazing in all aspects! It should be noted that there is only the one formal dining option at Inverlochy Castle, and only one great restaurant in Fort William, the Crannog, which requires reservations and was booked so we couldn’t eat there.  The same considerations for Inverness at either the Mustard Seed or The Kitchen as they required early reservations and other options were somewhat limited.  In hindsight we should have looked into more dining options in Edinburgh during the festival.  The Balmoral made arrangements for us our last night which provokes the thought that they might have been able to help us during our first two nights there. (Note from Sheenco Travel – a concierge service is available for restaurant reservations so please ask for assistance in advance of your trip). We will certainly recommend Sheenco Travel to our friends and others considering visits to Scotland or Ireland. Thanks again to you and your Sheenco team for making our holidays in Scotland outstanding!
Dave McPherson, AZ

Linda Harper, TN, Escorted Castle Tour, August 2015

We did enjoy our trip. Paul Walker, our driver, was excellent. Very accommodating, knowledgable, considerate. All accommodations were good, however Kilronan and Clontarf were more like upscale hotels instead of castles. My favorites were Kinnitty, Abbeyglen and Ballyseede. Your country is beautiful and I am proud of my Irish ancestry.  The weather proved to be uncooperative so we chose to take an alternative trip one day.  Again Paul was very helpful and inventive in selecting things we could do.  The staff at Kinnitty was exceptional. Joe at Ballyseede was also exceptional. The food was great at all the castles.  Again we enjoyed our trip.
Linda Harper, TN

Joe Errington, VA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2015

The trip was lovely.  We were all happy we hired the driver.  Mr. Fleming was safe, informative, and personable.  We opted given our schedule and his experience to do the Dingle road instead of the Ring of Kerry.  It was worth it for sure.  After Ashford he took us to additional beautiful locales to the northwest of Galway.  We should have scheduled certain popular activities at Ashford before arrival, because one we wanted, falconry, was full up.  Concerning accommodations, of course Ashford was super, and the same would apply to Malton as well.  So glad for those two.  Buswells could have used an upgrade for both rooms, but acceptable given our short stay.  Very attentive staff in all locations.  We had stayed in the Hilton a day early and so were familiar with it.  The return to the Hilton was a perfect and easy choice.  For your information, they provide a complementary hotel shuttle to Malahide for evening entertainment.  Thanks for your good service
Joe Errington, VA

Michele Kosanke, WI, Custom Self Drive, July 2015

We had a wonderful time in Ireland. Everything was arranged perfectly. I meant to send an email as soon as we returned to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves and how much we appreciated all the arrangements made by Sheenco Travel. We all felt that the accommodations were excellent and the staff members at each of the hotels were very friendly and helpful if we had questions. The only time that was a little crazy was in Killarney due to so much going on while we were there. We were still able to do what we wanted to do even with so many people coming for the Ring of Kerry Charity Bike Race and the Kerry vs Cork football match. We would not have wanted to miss visiting Killarney. It really added to the great memories we will have of our visit. We have and will continue to recommend Sheenco Travel to anyone planning a trip to Ireland. And if we plan another trip, you will certainly hear from me. Thank you so much for all the help.
Michele Kosanke, WI

Michele Mesko, CA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2015

We loved your service. Our driver guide John was very professional. He was always where he said he would be and always on time. All went completely smoothly at the hotels, the rooms were ready for the three of us and there were no problems with checking in. We appreciated that! We really enjoyed all of our hotels. All in all, you all were really terrific and we very much appreciated all of your help and being there for us when we needed anything. It was such a relief for me to know you were there if I needed anything. Ireland stole our hearts, we absolutely love your country. Isle of Man was very interesting, but it didn’t match the beauty and friendliness of Ireland.Thank you for everything. We sure miss being on our vacation and I would definitely recommend your company to anyone asking me about an Ireland trip.
Michele Mesko, CA

Martin & Kathy Godin, CA, Escorted Castle Tour, July 2015

We loved our trip organized by Sheenco Travel.  It was an A-plus experience for both of us.  Ballyseede Castle was first class without the attitude.  Everyone was extremely friendly.  Kinnitty Castle was the most authentic, Kilronan Castle had the best bed, and Abbeyglen Castle was the most fun.  The food in all of the hotels was a gourmet experience.  I met a woman during my travels who said it all in a few short words, “If you want sunshine go to Italy or Spain.  If you want friendship, conversation and beauty, go to Ireland.” Thank you and I will be sure to tell my friends and relatives to go to Ireland and use Sheenco Travel.
Martin & Kathy Godin, CA

Tami Dorraugh, CA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2015

The highlight of my summer was traveling to Ireland with my family under the expert guidance of Sheenco Travel. It all started with a comment in 2013 from my 72 year old father who said that only place he wished he had seen was Ireland. It started a process with me and my sister to make it happen. I searched various tour companies and got three different quotes from three different travel agencies. We decided on Sheenco Travel and from that point on the experience has been MAGICAL! We started the process with Genevieve Sheehan at Sheenco Travel. She spent the time finding what and where we wanted to do and see. We were open to any suggestions since no one in our group beside myself had been to Ireland. Genevieve recommended an extraordinary 10-day luxury chauffeur vacation with castle stays and beautiful hotel accommodations. After the trip was planned, I had help every step of the way from the outstanding staff including Ruth, Nicola, and Clare. From arrival to departure, Sheenco Travel had everything in order. The few hiccups were addressed quickly by the helpful staff. Anything we needed, from food reservations to tours, was handled with stellar customer service. The BEST part of the trip was our driver, Danny McCarthy. He was an insightful, jovial Irishman full of history, stories and an occasional ballad! We wanted to pack Danny up and take him home after spending a week with him. He was fantastic. The Davenport and Malton Hotel stays were top notch locations that were perfect to explore the areas of Dublin and Killarney. The most breath-taking event was the stay at Ashford Castle. I am still speechless… stunning castle, beautiful rooms, and breathtaking grounds. You felt transported to another time. If you have a chance, do the Hawk Walk! The experience being so close to these spectacular raptors was astounding. The trip was phenomenal…. the sites, sounds and tastes of Ireland have made a lasting impression on our family. I would highly recommend Sheenco Travel to anyone expecting to make a memory of a lifetime. Sheenco Travel will be my go-to travel agency for the MANY more trips we are already planning on taking in Ireland, Scotland and England. I have already recommended them to all my friends.
Tami Dorraugh, CA

Kathy Lyons, MA, Custom Self Drive, July 2015

We had an amazing trip to Ireland. It is more beautiful than we even imagined it! I think you picked out the right spots for us as we had a good home base for all of our exploring. The next time I will focus on some smaller towns that provide a little more intimate experiences. We really enjoyed Galway and the Park House was very nice. The service was very attentive and they did anything they could to help make our trip enjoyable. The Malton wasn’t as good. The hotel is beautiful, but they have some service issues starting with the luggage handling and continuing right into the bar service.I wouldn’t go back to that hotel.Needless to say Dromoland was spectacular! We felt so pampered and special there. I am so glad we stayed for an extra few nights. It was the perfect way to end the trip! Thanks again for all of your help planning the trip.
Kathy Lyons, MA

Jeff Linzer, GA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful time! Things went really well. Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful Scottish adventure for us. Now the details:Edinburgh: Vibrant and classic, this was really a great place to start. The hotel was actually within walking distance of New Town. Had some really great meals and enjoyed going through the castle. The one drawback was the hotel, Bonham. Yes, “boutique” but definitely showing its age. Very friendly and helpful staff, and they served a good breakfast. Could hear guests through the bathroom walls and a loud party in the dinning room late one night. There was scaffolding in front of our window; when we asked what time the workers would start in the morning we were told that the scaffold had been there for a couple of months already and they didn’t expect any work to take place for several more weeks. Room Wi-Fi essentially was non-existent it was such a poor signal. Really doesn’t deserve 4 starts.Glasgow: We walked the downtown area looking through the shops. The hotel, Carlton George, was a very nice modern boutique with very friendly service. Nicely located just a short walk from the train station. The room was well apportioned and very comfortable. Interestingly, they offer free beer, wine and spirits in the room!Glengarry Castle Hotel is a hidden gem! Yes, they don’t have an elevator but that was a minor inconvenience. The service was better than I have had at some 5-star facilities. The room had a 4-poster bed, beautiful view of the lake along with a very nice sitting area. The hotel dinner was outstanding, probably one of the best meals we had on the trip. To call this a 3-star facility is an understatement. This should be a regular stop for your guests.The Kingsmill Hotel in Inverness would best be described as a typical tourist hotel. Clean, well appointed, but nothing special. Just far enough away from things that you need to eat in their restaurant. They but on the face of a gourmet menu but we probably would have done better at a fish and chips stand. Our server went off duty half-way through our meal, leaving one person to take care of the table and take care of the bill. We ended up waiting almost a half hour after we finished before I could get the check. Two other aggravating issues: the lights immediately go out when you remove your room card from the slot (no courtesy delay) and they insist on charging for Wi-Fi in the rooms. Off all the places we stayed, I would suggest you definitely find another location in Inverness.Dalhousie Castle was another charmer. Very good service, very nice and comfortable room. I liked how they had you go to the library bar ahead of your dinner reservation to get a drink and order your meal. After you had some time to relax you were then escorted to your table with the first course soon to follow. Would definitely stay there again.OK, now let’s talk about our driver, Angus. He was great! As a tour guide, he pointed out things that we otherwise would have never noticed. He was incredibly knowledgeable. He helped us address each day’s trip, helping us make small changes that wonderfully enhanced our experience. We saw things and went places the average tourist doesn’t go and this just made things all that much better. There is no question that “Gus” helped make our Scotland trip so memorable.Again, I want to thank you and your team, especially Nicola, for putting together such a great experience for us. I have already recommended you to a couple of my friends; I hope they follow through and make plans with you.
Jeff Linzer, GA

Mark Fleming, MI, Custom Self Drive, July 2015

First of all let me say that Annie and I had a wonderful visit to your country.  It is truly a magical place and the people are so friendly.  Dublin was great and we had a good time.  The drive to Kilkenny and Cork worked out well and we took a detour to Waterford to see where the crystal was made.  Great trip.  A cabbie told us about a memorial to the 911 firemen in Kinsale so we went there as well.  What a great little village/town and the memorial was beautiful (343 trees planted for each of the firemen who died in 911). The Malton in Killarney was wonderful and we loved that town as well.  Great food, great people and probably the busiest place we went to other than Dublin.  From there we took a direct route to Waterville, over the hills and thru the valley on a one lane road!  What an exciting ride with beautiful views.  And Waterville was a great course (as was Portmarnock).  Not to mention they have the life size statue of Payne Stewart at the course.  From there up to our favorite place we stayed at, Ashford Castle!  Oh, what a wonderful place to stay and the people were all so friendly, played golf, great meals, skeet shooting, had a great time.  I think I forgot “kissing the Blarney Stone” at the castle …..great fun there too. From Ashford on up the coast to Lough Eske Castle in Donegal which was another great place to stay.  Played at Donegal Golf Club, toured the city, had a couple of nice meals and also the most sunshine of the whole trip!  Met some interesting people there including the Harbor Commodore from Belfast who was involved with the building of the exhibit featuring the Titanic.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get to Belfast, but maybe next time. All in all, a wonderful trip and a beautiful country.  We would love to go back someday.  Thanks to you and your whole team for making this trip so much fun!
Mark Fleming, MI

Anita Kale, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful vacation!! The itinerary you planned was marvelous, and activities and attractions recommended were excellent suggestions.  I will try to capture some of the most important parts:
  1. Accommodations – we really liked all of them, but the Malton was probably our favorite, with Knockranny House a very close second.  The Malton’s grounds are beautiful, as well as the hotel, and an added bonus was a children’s play area outside where our 15-month old grandson could run off some energy.  I have to mention that several times when locals asked where we were staying, and we replied the Malton or Knockranny, the response was “wow, how did you get in there?  That place is fabulous!”  We felt very special! The only thing I have to mention that took us by surprise was the lack of air conditioning in some of the hotels.  Being spoiled Americans who love their A/C, and the weather being warmer than usual for the time of year, the rooms were at times stuffy.  In all my reading on the internet about Ireland vacations, I never ran across anything that commented on the lack of air conditioning.  It makes sense with the age of the beautiful buildings, but it might be nice for you to possibly comment on this with the accommodations.  We were able to upgrade to rooms with A/C at the Ashling (extra 30 euros per night), and the evenings were a little cooler at the Malton (but fans provided in each of the rooms), Knockranny and Clontarf so we got by.
  1. Transportations arrangements – these were fabulous!  Our driver, Mark Lyons, was amazing with his knowledge, personality, wit, professionalism and true desire to make this trip as special as possible for us.  In addition, he was wonderful with our grandson!  The added bonus was that with our small group (10 people) Mark drove a mini-coach that he was able to take on 2-lane roads through the countryside and along the ocean.  I’m certain we saw things that people on the 50-passenger coaches are never able to see close up.  It was also because of Mark’s tenacity that we were able to find our great, great grandparents’ homestead in County Mayo!  That was certainly an emotional highlight of the trip, and I will forever be grateful to Mark for helping us with that.  There are still a couple partial walls standing, and it is in the shadows of Croagh Patrick, which can be seen in the distance.  Simply amazing! The mini-coach was immaculately clean and very comfortable.  Mark was a fanatic about cleaning the windows often, and sprucing up the inside each night.  Great choice for transportation!
  1. Restaurants and reservations – We ate at Bank on College Green in Dublin and loved it!  We were running late after doing the Dingle Peninsula and had to call to cancel the reservation at Treyvauds.  We ate at An Port Mor in Westport.  This was exceptional!!  This was the day that several in our party climbed Croagh Patrick, and we were also running late that day.  I called An Port Mor to let them know, and they were so accommodating.  We were given our own small upper room to dine in.  The atmosphere, the servers, and the food were all wonderful!  I would highly recommend this restaurant!!
  1. Customer service from Sheenco Travel – every single employee I interacted with was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, exceedingly prompt with responses, and truly seemed to want to make our vacation the best possible!  With this being our first vacation overseas, we had MANY questions, and each was answered with patience and caring.  From the first airport transfer, to the hotel reservations, to the mini-coach tour, to the dining reservations, to the last airport transfer – each was seamless and without a glitch!  It truly is a testament to you and your staff that this vacation was effortless on our part.  All we had to do was sit back and enjoy!  And that we did!!  It was a joy from beginning to end, and we were all sad to leave.  Your company made this trip a magical experience!  Kudos to all your employees, and you have our deepest gratitude!

I really don’t know what else to say.  I wish there was some way I could include even more superlatives.  It is honestly beyond description how much we enjoyed this vacation.  We would all like to come back again and explore more of the out-of-the-way locations, and spend more time just drinking in the beauty of Ireland.Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Anita Kale, IL

Amy Curran, PA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2015

Our trip was wonderful.  We saw so much of Ireland.  If we did it over again, I would have traveled less and spent more time in a few places- but it is hard to know that ahead of time.  Our favorite hotels were Trump at Doonbeg- this was very comfortable for a family of 6.  Next best was Ashford Castle.  Every hotel was clean, comfortable and enjoyable- those 2 were just a step up…. Our driver Paul was great.  He picked great routes between destinations and helped to choose stops for lunch, shopping and touring.
He put in a long day of driving to get us to the northern tip of Donegal where my husband’s family is from.  Thanks for your help in these arrangements.
Amy Curran, PA

Kathy Bailey, KS, Custom Self Drive, June 2015

We had a wonderful  time.  Ireland was beautiful.  The  hawk walk , Blarney  Castle,  Wexford, Cork, Galway, Cliffs, Ballyseede, everything we did was great. Liverpool was fantastic, we did the Magical  Mystery  Tour, walked to Albert Dock, rode the Ferris wheel, walked all over the city centre of every town and city we went to. The hotels  were  great, and the VW van was perfect for all of us. Thank you  for all  your help.  We will definitely come back.
Kathy Bailey, KS

Judie Von Eiff, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2015

We had a wonderful time in Ireland, Scotland and England.  I think we all agree that Ashford Castle was the top!  Wonderful!  And Dromoland a close second.   Lough Eske Castle and Portmarnock were both good, as well.  Mark, our driver/guide was a pure gem!  We all thought highly of him and enjoyed his company.  Ireland was probably my favorite.  Loved the people, the music, the stories, the countryside, the blarney!   The Scottish Highlands are beautiful.  I wish we had had a little more time in Skye.    Bob, our driver/guide was very good, very knowledgeable and a pleasant man.  Our accommodations at Corriegour Lodge, we all agreed, were at the bottom of our list.   After those in Ireland, it was definitely a come down.   The rooms were very small, the bathrooms tiny.  They really need to buy new mattresses for the beds.  It is not a 4-star lodge.  The location was beautiful and, while very expensive for a captive group, the food was good.  Fonab Castle was lovely and our room at the Bonham in Edinburgh, was probably my favorite.  Very large, lovely.  The Bath Spa Hotel was very nice and The Kensington Hotel was especially lovely.   Our initial room left something to be desired as we were on the top floor with dormers and a queen bed.  Actually, it was quite small and my husband bumped his head on the ceiling/wall twice.  We requested a king bed room and they moved us happily and without any hassle  to a wonderful large room with a king bed.   The common rooms were lovely. All in all everything ran smoothly and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  The people we ran into were friendly, pleasant, and happy to help us. Thank you for everything Sheenco did.  We were quite pleased with you.
Judie Von Eiff, IL

Gene Foulger, UT, Deluxe Castle Tour, June 2015

The weather was a little rough the first 5 days, but the countryside was beautiful. The Castles were great. Dromoland Castle and Ashford Castle were the best! Dromoland had more of the old world feel, which Molly really liked.  Ashford was a little more modern, but was absolutely beautiful. The grounds and gardens at Ashford were amazing. It was also nice at Ashford Castle because the village of Cong was a short walk away. The food at both of these castles was excellent. Our driver Paddy Kennedy couldn’t have been better. He was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk with. He did everything he could to make sure we were comfortable and got to do the things we wanted. You arranged everything very well, even on the days we added before and after the tour. The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin was quite nice. The “Bank on College Green” restaurant in Dublin was wonderful. The interior was gorgeous and the food was fantastic.
Gene Foulger, UT

Richard Crummel, TX, Custom Self Drive, June 2015

Thanks for creating an absolutely beautiful trip on our tour of Ireland.  After driving almost 2000 kilometers, I have to say I was getting used to driving on the left side of the road, although I will never get over having the left hand side of the car up against a stone wall while a large truck is headed right for us……all the same, it was fairly easy to adjust as I had three navigators in the car. The accommodations were spectacular.  We asked for and received wonderful castles and manors, with beautiful views of the countryside, delicious menus, and spacious accommodations.  Two of the castles, Waterford and Ashford, were extraordinary.  The recommendation to have us stay two nights at each location was perfect as it gave us time to explore the countryside. Rest assured you have met our expectations and will continue to have our highest recommendation.  As a final note we want to comment on the outstanding hospitality and friendliness of the Irish people.  While one should expect that from the hotel and restaurant staff where we were booked, we found it to be universal throughout the countryside. On behalf of Susan and I, and our traveling companions, Jan and Don Bybee, thanks for a memorable trip.
Richard Crummel, TX

Angela DiDomenico, IL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2015

We absolutely loved our journey to Ireland and were enchanted with the island and its people.  We all were pleased with the plan but felt we should have organized it with Ashford Castle last as it was the most glorious of our accommodations.  Lough Eske is no doubt deluxe but it is without character and you felt you could have been anywhere–there was nothing “Irish” about it and even its help was European.  Portmarnock is a beautiful spot but if you are not planning to play golf there then I would not advise staying.  Our thought was that perhaps those who wanted to go to Dublin should start at the Shelbourne.  Maury and I had absolutely the most perfect days there touring the sights and dining exquisitely at One Pico and Patrick Guilbaud.  Then start the journey at Powerscourt which the Sullivans loved and we appreciated its beauty when we went to pick them up there.  Dromoland was a delight and we all had fun on the pony cart ride and walking the grounds. Without question our stay at Ashford Castle was most magical.  We toured the grounds, went to the local church for mass, visited a pub the Sullivans had been to 25 years ago, went on the lake cruise and learned about the history of the area, ate at a pub in the town of Cong, dined at the cottage on the estate, reveled in luxurious and delicious breakfasts, enjoyed the lounge at night with lovely Irish singing, and slept in beautifully decorated rooms.  A third night there would have been a delight with perhaps playing 9 holes of golf.  Our driver from the airport to the Shelbourne was excellent in giving us background on Ireland and Dublin.  Mark, our tour guide for the trip, was excellent and delighted us with the depth of his knowledge, his humor, and his willingness to indulge us.  Our times in the van were relaxing and filled with good spirits and singing! We all thank you at Sheenco for planning a memorable vacation for all of us and I hope my suggestions will be helpful when you are planning other journeys.  It is my fondest hope that we shall enlist your services again for another trip to beautiful Ireland!
Angela DiDomenico, IL

John Kelly, KY, Custom Self Drive, June 2015

Thank you for following up with me concerning my trip.  Everything went very well and I couldn’t be more pleased.  The accommodations were beyond expectations!  Ireland is an amazingly beautiful country with fabulous people!  I cannot think of anything that could be improved upon really.   Our trip went off without a hitch other than we experienced a delayed flight at the onset of our trip.  That cost us our allotted time to tour Dublin.  I think the next time I go back, (yes I intend to go back) I will stay two nights at each stop,  instead of just one. Thank you all at Sheenco Travel.  Please give Colin my regards.  He did a great job setting up our trip.  It was very much according to my wishes.
John Kelly, KY

Brenda Tripathi, SC, Custom Self Drive, May 2015

We really enjoyed our vacation in Ireland and had a wonderful time.  The hotels we liked the best were (in no particular order): The Brooks Hotel, The Malton and of course, Ashford Castle.  However, all hotels were of good quality and provided us with spacious rooms together with the cot for the baby.  The suggested itinerary was somewhat overcrowded (especially traveling with a baby who needed to be fed and changed every few hours) but we adjusted it as we went along according to our own liking.  All In all, it worked out very well and we saw and experienced a tremendous amount of Ireland in such a short time! We shall cherish our memories of a wonderful and beautiful country for so many years to come.  And we are certainly recommending your services to all of our acquaintances should any of them decide to visit Ireland. With our best regards and many thanks again for making Ireland so enjoyable,
Brenda Tripathi, SC

Terry & Diana Korf, FL, Escorted Castle Tour, May 2015

First, let us say that the trip was outstanding, you delivered on all aspects of the trip above our expectations and we will DEFINITELY recommend Sheenco to any of our family and friends who might be planning a trip to Ireland.  We felt we received a great value for the money that we spent for the tour.  The castle stays were especially fun as each one of them was quite different from the others. Dave Costello is an exceptional person with a vast knowledge of the history of Ireland as well as the history of the music of Ireland. You live in a beautiful country and for the most part are very friendly and outgoing people.  I have never eaten so many potatoes in a 10 day period in my life!  (not a bad thing). The pubs were a great time and all of them that we just walked into off the street (about 20 of them) were very welcoming, and the food was consistently very good.  Of course the Guiness was great, and we also discovered the Cider (Bulmers I think) as a good alternative to drinking beer all the time. We are so glad we discovered Sheenco Travel and wish you great success going forward.
Terry & Diana Korf, FL

Bob & Maryann Hayden, CT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, May 2015

We cannot thank you enough for your help in planning such a wonderful trip to Ireland for our family (all 18 of us) to celebrate our 60th Wedding Anniversary. We gave our oldest son, William Hayden the job of putting this feat together and when he found you it all came together beautifully. I must tell you that we started to plan this trip last summer. Our travel agent contacted Trafalgar Tours and Grand Circle but they have a policy of not taking any child under the age of five. Even though our youngest granddaughter would turn five on July 2nd, they would not make an exception. We even tried making arrangements through AAA and Brendan Vacations, but the same rule applied. This is when William took over and found you, so I am convinced that things have a way of happening for the best. You did a much better job than Trafalgar, Grand Circle and Brendan Tours. Thank you a million times over. All the accommodations that you made were excellent. Everyone agreed that Ballyseede Castle in Tralee was their favorite and the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Dublin the last night was their least favorite. The best thing that you did was to find Mark to be our driver/guide. He really made Ireland come alive for us and made us so proud of our Irish Heritage. He gave us facts, told us Irish lore, played Irish music, suggested things to do like the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin to amuse our grandchildren and took us to places we would never have seen on Trafalgar, Grand Circle or Brendan Tours, I’m sure. And we didn’t have to have our luggage out in the hall by 7AM! We would certainly recommend you and Sheenco Travel to anyone wanting an extra special private tour of Ireland. Thank you again for all you did to make our vacation extra special.
Bob & Maryann Hayden, CT

Michelle Brown, VA, Custom Self Drive, May 2015

We had a fabulous time. What we thought would be a once in a lifetime experience has turned out to be what we have decided will be our first Irish adventure. Although our flight to Ireland was less than ideal, we arrived to find the most beautiful city, Dublin. Our driver was waiting at our gate, and provided much appreciated tips on our way to the hotel. The itinerary you set for us was exactly what was requested, and we were pleased with all of the accommodations. As we traveled across the south of your lovely country, we were struck the most by two things. Firstly, the natural beauty that is Ireland. Regardless of where we looked, the whole country looked like a post card! I will never get over the spectacular views I saw. Secondly, the Irish people are the warmest, most friendly people I’ve had the pleasure to come across. We had numerous, fascinating conversations with people I now miss as a would a friend. The Irish are well known for their Irish pride, and after this vacation, I feel that not only is that pride understandable, but well deserved, as well. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and we cannot wait to return. I’m not sure when that will happen, but we will gladly be back in touch with Sheenco to assist us in our next trip. Your attention and accessibility throughout this process made everything so much easier, and took the worry and stress out of our vacation planning. I have recommended your agency to some friends, and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for helping to make this dream come true.
Michelle Brown, SVA

Amy Wilinski, WI, Custom Spiritual Tour, May 2015

I wanted to thank you again for putting together a beautiful experience for our group.  Everyone loved the experience, food and the accommodations. People really enjoyed the folklore theatre the first night in Dublin.  Was a good way to start it out. Loved Kilronan Castle and enjoyed the 3 nights there as it helped to decompress a bit.  Dinner was very nice and well-prepared and served when dining in the restaurant. If you dine in the sitting area, the service was not so attentive. Brooklodge was beautiful. Great dinner but it was not in the restaurant listed in the itinerary.  It was in the Italian restaurant they own.  We still enjoyed it very much and it was fantastic food.  Next time would like to stay there 2 nights maybe dinner at each of their restaurants.  Unfortunately their horse person was out sick, so those of us who wanted to go riding were out of luck. We really enjoyed the local tour guides that we had.  Anthony Murphy and Kevin O’Kelly were new to me and liked both of them very much.  Would enjoy having them again. Mike Rothcroghan was his sweet lovable self and Claire Roche was divine with her harp and homemade scones and John Wilmott  gracious with his stories and sharing his home and labyrinth with us.
Amy Wilinski, WI

Nichole Currie, ON, Custom Chauffeur Driven, April 2015

We really enjoyed our trip and have lots of great pictures and memories.
The highlights for us included:
– Dromoland Castle. This was our favorite accommodation. We will plan 2 nights here next time we return with our kids!
– Cliffs of Moher
– Dingle and touring around ring of Kerry area.
– Blarney Castle
– Jameson distillery in Midleton
We were very happy with all of the accommodations, except Waterford castle as the room looked quite worn and needing painting and update.   Our tour guide Des Murphy was exceptional. We can’t say enough about him. He is friendly, funny and very easy to get along with. We appreciated learning much of the history that he shared with us along our tour. Thank you again for the planning. It made the trip stress free!
Nichole Currie, ON

Doug Quinn, CA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, October 2014

Wendy and I are still talking with friends on how wonderful our trip to the UK was and what a fantastic job you and your staff did making it a trip to remember. With all the photos I took I was able to make 3 different shutter fly memory books that we show off at any chance we get. Everyone that sees them is amazed on how beautiful each county is and how spectacular the sights are. So when they ask, we for sure are recommending Sheenco Travel and also our driver Mark Lyons if they want a great personal tour of Ireland.
Doug Quinn, CA

Patricia Lahey, NY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, October 2014

I’m writing to tell you that the vacation you and your staff planned for us was absolutely perfect! Every hotel and dinner reservation exceeded our expectations and the itinerary that you planned was ideal. Most importantly, Paddy Kennedy was superb! He is so pleasant, knowledgeable and skilled.  His ideas for what we should see, where we should have lunch, and what we should do were so helpful. Above all he was just “good company” and our memories of this vacation will include Paddy. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone planning a trip to Ireland.
Patricia Lahey, NY

Linda Stampfel, NY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, October 2014

Everything went smoothly from our arrival a half hour early to the pick-up in Dublin for our return home. In spite of our early arrival, Jerry was right there waiting for us.  It was dark and rainy, so he drove us to The Burren as it was too early for the Cliffs of Moher.  At first I felt we were missing so much of the Irish scenery as we drove in the dark.  Silly me as we saw plenty of it during the whole trip.  Jerry was a careful, safe driver.  When we arrived in Killarney he recommended a very nice restaurant a few paces from the hotel – The Fresk. The Plaza Hotel in Killarney was excellent.  The next day we walked the main street, then Jerry drove us to St. Mary’s Cathedral.  It was well worth the visit due to having been built of stone. On to Cork with a stop to kiss the Blarney Stone. Our hotel – the River Lee – was wonderful.  We had deluxe rooms and therefore access to the executive lounge with various coffees, cheeses, crackers , cookies, fruit and juices.  On Tuesday, Jerry drove us to the church where my great grandparents were married – Sts. Peter and Paul.  I had written to the pastor but he was not at home when we got there.  When we returned home, I had a letter from the person in charge of archives.  He sent me a marriage certificate with the church seal on it and a note saying he was sorry we had missed each other. We then rode to the Waterford Glass Factory.  I had told Jerry what we wanted to see on our way to Dublin and he worked out the best schedule.  It was an interesting tour, as you see the workers first hand. On Wednesday we drove to the Rock of Cashel.  I think that that was my favorite part of the trip.  The tour guide was very enthusiastic. We visited Kilkenny Castle and enjoyed it. Onto Dublin – We bid farewell to Jerry at this point. We have no regrets in the experience of having a driver: especially Jerry. We checked into the Davenport Hotel around 5:00pm.  The kids were disappointed as it seemed a bit dated in comparison to the other 2 hotels we were in. My only complaint was that the hot and cold water was not mixed, but rather 2 different faucets.  Yes, it was older, but pretty centrally located.  The staff at the desk were very nice and efficient.  They arranged for a taxi for us to Connelly Station for our trip to Belfast.  As we were leaving before breakfast, they offered us a continental breakfast.  It was very welcoming to come down to the lounge at 6:15am and seeing the table set for us.  We had juice, coffee and pastries. On Thursday we walked to Dublin Castle.  Good tour.  We continued to the Guinness Storehouse. The “kids “ enjoyed pouring their own beer. We had a very good lunch there with our own “poured” beer.  We then walked to Christ Church Cathedral.On our last day we went shopping on Grafton St. and the kids went to Trinity College. On Sunday our transfer was due to pick us up at 1:00, but I called at 12:20, said we were ready and he arrived soon after.  Excellent service. We were unsure about picking your company, but you were the only one to answer my inquiries and to keep in touch.  Our confidence grew and when Jerry showed up as we were travel weary, we knew we had picked a winner.  Thank you for the wonderful experience.
Linda Stampfel, NY

Nancy Penton, NL, Escorted Castle Tour, October 2014

The Castle tour was …well, I just don’t know how to put it into words!!! The group of 10 was wonderful and we got along perfect. The castles were wonderful…as expected Ashford was my favorite!!! And, Paddy, our driver was the best! A sweet man with lots of knowledge, funny jokes and personal stories to share. He made the trip extra special! Thanks so much.
Nancy Penton, NL

Frances Henckler, UT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2014

Our trip to Ireland was wonderful.  The four hotels – Pembroke, Fairview Guesthouse, Park City and Brooks – were all very nice and centrally located as we had requested.  What really made our trip extra special was our driver/guide, Jerry Horgan.  Besides being very personable and accommodating, Jerry had an exceptional knowledge of his country and its history.  He took us to places that no tour bus would ever go.   After just a few days with him, Jerry felt like a long-time friend.   Our eight days with Jerry passed by too quickly.  It was hard to say goodbye but hopefully we will return and have Jerry show us more of the country that he loves.
Frances Henckler, UT

Susan Rutland, AL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2014

We truly appreciate all you did to prepare our trip. Not one glitch! All that Sheenco did was excellent. And, Jerry, our driver, was perfect for us! He went above and beyond the call of duty to create a unique vacation spot on for us, “not your typical tourist” tourist!! Without a doubt, Jerry gave us the experiences, through his contacts with locals, that we had hoped for. For example, we hurled with Ronan O’Se, and then met Ivan Canning who hand makes Hurleys. We bought a Hurley from Ivan and Ivan signed it! The list goes on and on with how Sheenco and Jerry made our trip a trip of a lifetime! Thank you! We had an incredible time and will gladly spread the word!
Susan Rutland, AL

Robert Brownrigg, TX, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2014

First, let us say the entire trip, as a whole, was WONDERFUL!!!  We truly experienced Ireland in ways they we had hoped for, plus more. We were EXTREMELY pleased with the accommodations at the Shelbourne, and we cannot tell you how many times, when we mentioned that the Shelbourne was where we were staying, we got positive reactions, ranging from approval, envy, esteem and respect.  We visited several Antique shops on Francis Street and we had a sense of credibility with the dealers just by mentioning the Shelbourne.  It was clearly the perfect choice for us.  I would not like to stay anywhere else. AAAAA+++++ five star rating from us.Ballyseede Castle was wonderful, with the most appropriate fixtures, decor and period appropriate accommodations we could hope for.  The grounds were small, but the facilities were excellent.  Staff was absolutely wonderful.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone. Ballynahinch was unbelievably beautiful, and I wish we had more time to explore the grounds.  Again, the decor was wonderful, and appropriate to the setting.  The staff was excellent, and I would love to return there for a longer visit. Lough Eske was beautiful on the exterior, however, the interior began to resemble a more modern remodeling job.  The bathroom was the largest of all the hotels, and was very nice, very comfortable room, great staff and very pleasant.  It simply was obvious that it had been remodeled in modern times, with more modern furniture in the rooms, fewer antiques.  Again, please remember our love is antiques, antique fixtures, antique furnishings, experiencing history.  Still, it was VERY nice, and very comfortable.  Best food we ate on the trip.Regarding the transportation, the initial transfer from airport was perfect, on time, nice car, no problems.We received a call on Thursday to explain that the original driver had a problem and there was a change.  Friday, we would be picked up at the Shelbourne and driven to Ballyseede by one gentleman (Ray) and the rest of the trip we would have another driver.  No problem for us, we were glad to be informed, and hopeful for the best.  Ray was very polite, safe driving, on time, got us to and from the Rock of Cashel and Blarney castle, and to Ballyseede with no problems.  He was familiar with the roads, but did not offer any other detailed information about the history, regional information, etc. The rest of the trip we were in the company of Don Dowling.  I cannot begin to say enough about how absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable and charming he was.  He absolutely made the trip WONDERFUL.  He sat with us each morning, gave us options, plans, choices on sights, history of each, showed on the map where were were going, and let us decide what type of day we wanted to have.  Again, we love history and we were there to learn as much as we could, and see the historically significant places, which we were able to do thanks greatly to Mr. Dowling.  I cannot begin to impress on you how absolutely thoughtful, charming, polite and accommodating he was.  We stopped at several antique stores in several towns, bought items that required shipping, and generally had a great experience.  Don was the “tour guide”, historian, knew local places to eat, local places to visit, sights that were “off the grid” (waterfalls, vistas and views that were breathtaking), photographer, and general companion.  We felt safe, and were very impressed at his driving skills for safety and getting around without getting lost.   He knew many locals at each sight, and if he didn’t know them he introduced himself and made new acquaintances for the “next time” he might visit.  Thanks to him and his personal contacts we visited Adare Manor, Ashford Castle, and several places that might otherwise not have been available.  He knew the history, background, and flavor of all of the sights and regions were went through. Again, we had a wonderful experience, and have recommended your services to others.
Robert Brownrigg, TX

Duncan McNaughton, ON, Custom Self Drive, September 2014

Our Self Drive Vacation coordinated by Sheenco Travel was nothing less than superb. From our pick up at Dublin airport by Noel, to the return of the rental car in Shannon, every detail of your planning was exactly as outlined in our vacation package. All of the accommodations were at a level above that which we anticipated.  Particularly notable is the fact that those in Dublin, Belfast and Derry were centrally located, allowing us to walk to most venues. We particularly enjoyed the Ashling Hotel (comfort and accessibility) and the City Hotel Derry and Sandhouse Hotel Donegal for their location and view. Reception and checkout at all hotels was congenial and effortless.  Our vacation experience in Ireland was spectacular and was definitely enhanced by the detailing provided by Sheenco.  We managed to visit nearly every site that we had preselected, finding that time alone, was the limiting factor. We actually arrived in Galway at 22:00 on the 14th, having filled our day with sightseeing, and sadly couldn’t experience that city due to time constraints. Overall our experience was very positive and we give much of the credit to the staff at Sheenco Travel for their orchestrating of our holiday. Be assured that we will utilize your services on future travels to Ireland, as well as recommend your professionalism to acquaintances travelling to there.
Duncan McNaughton, ON

Patricia Parsons, NY, Custom Self Drive, September 2014

We had a wonderful trip, and I am very happy that we booked it with Sheenco Travel. The hotels were all immaculate, and the service was excellent for the most part. We were greeted at the airport by a very friendly driver, who promptly took our bags and drove us to the Shelbourne Hotel, while giving us some information about Dublin on the way there. When we arrived at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, the lobby was filled with other American tourists, like ourselves, who had arrived on overnight flights and who were trying to get early check-ins. The staff was accommodating as they could be, and after a few inquiries at the desk, they were able to give us one of our two rooms prior to the 3 pm check-in time so we could rest and get changed. We got the other room a few hours later. Both rooms were very clean, and approximately the same size. I was a bit concerned beforehand that the single room would be small, but that was not the case. The accommodations were excellent. The morning breakfasts were sumptuous and the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. We dined one night at the hotel and were quite happy with the dinner as well. While in Dublin, we visited the St. Stephen’s Green, walked down Grafton Street, went to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells, visited the Guiness Storehouse, and also went to some pubs in the Grafton Street area. The River Lee in Cork was very clean. We had rooms on the executive floor which was the 5th floor. The staff was friendly and accommodating. We left on Monday and went to Cobh to the Titanic Experience Museum, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was an interactive museum where they give each person, upon entry, a card which had the name and information of an actual person who booked passage on the Titanic. You find out if that person lived or perished at the end of the experience. Unfortunately, since we were 3rd class passengers, we were all lost at sea. Cobh was a very cute little town with a beautiful cathedral up the hill from the museum and port. We left there and headed to Killarney and checked into the Muckross Hotel & Spa. The rooms were clean and a good size, and were next door to each other. We decided to go on a bus tour of the Ring of Kerry the next day rather than drive it ourselves. The bus tour was with Deros Tours in Killarney. The bus made stops along the way in different towns, beaches, and sites. My favorite stop was at a cost of 5 euro each for admission to a show where sheep were herded by sheepdogs and a shepherd. This was so interesting and enlightening. That night we returned to Killarney town and did some shopping for woolens and souvenirs, and went to see Trad music in a local pub after having dinner. I would say that we had the most fun the entire day while being on the bus tour to the Ring of Kerry and going to see the Trad music and being in Killarney. We left Killarney on Wednesday and headed to the ferry at Tarbert and took it across the Shannon River to go to the Cliffs of Moher. We had a wonderful time there and took several pictures. We left there and drove directly to our hotel at Dromoland Castle. We didn’t check in until 5 pm and wished that we could have stayed an additional night. The staff was extremely accommodating. They shook our hands and introduced themselves as we got out of our car before entering to check in. They made us feel like royalty. The rooms were huge and the dining room felt like we were in Downton Abby. The breakfast was huge with a buffet as well as menu item choice. We also had dinner at the hotel which was excellent, with great service. Overall, I would highly recommend Sheenco Travel for arranging a tour of Ireland. I would book with you again if I ever return. I loved Killarney and County Clare the best. My favorite hotels were the Shelbourne Hotel and the Dromoland Castle.
Patricia Parsons, NY

George Leonard, SC, Custom Self Drive, August 2014

We had an awesome time! It rained most of the time but as you say Welcome to Ireland. The rain didn’t dampen of spirits or the spirits of the Irish people we met. Your country and people are truly beautiful. Let me give you a quick summary of the accommodations. Sheedy’s Country House – A rooms were very nice. But the real gem was Martina. She made our stay even more rewarding. John is an excellent chef and the food was some of the best. The Burren was very unique and we enjoyed riding through it. Cliffs of Moher were also beautiful. Park House Hotel – The rooms were very nice and Galway is a very unique city. The Park Hose in the perfect location for a stay in Galway. The Malt House didn’t have our reservation but we got a table within 10 minutes. They were very accommodating. The Food was by far the best we had in Ireland and would highly recommend it. Unfortunately it was raining too much and missed the Aran Islands. Maybe next time.  We did visit Kylemore Abbey and the sky allowed us for the most part to stay semi dry. Ashford Castle – Of course was the most luxurious and best accommodation and the staff was great. The small town of Cong was nice and there was some good hiking. Valerie did their Hawk Walk and she really enjoyed that, 2 more checks off the bucket list.  Arbutus Hotel, – Nice older hotel that was in the heart of the town. The Porterhouse restaurant was OK but nothing to write home about. The Ring of Kerry, Muckross House, and Ross castle were all great places to see. You must take a Jaunting Car ride through the gardens. River Lee Hotel – A beautiful hotel with great amenities. You can see most of Cork from their glass elevators. We Walked 2 of the 4 Cork City walks and saw some the historical spots which was fantastic. We had lunch at the English Market and dinner at Market Lane. Both were very good. We stopped at Blarney Castle on our way to Bunratty to kiss the Blarney Stone. Bunratty Manor – Our least favorite place but we were bummed about leaving. We couldn’t get wifi in our room and had to go to the lobby to get it and watch the Kerry-Mayo match. Freddy’s Bistro was a fantastic place to eat. Very romantic and the staff was excellent.  Over all our trip was FANTASTIC! We will recommend your services to all our friends.
George Leonard, SC

Gordon Horsman, ON, Custom Self Drive, August 2014

We had an amazing time and would like to thank you for the wonderful accommodation you selected for us.  The driving from place to place was very easy and straight forward. I don’t know when I will get back but the friendly people and spectacular country side we experienced will have us come back at some point. Like I said it was all amazing and I await for the opportunity to return and visit your beautiful country again.
Gordon Horsman, ON

Karen Sanzone, NY, Custom Self Drive, August 2014

Kelly and I had a great time. The castles were magnificent and comfortable with friendly staff. We could not have had a better time. The driving was quite interesting. No major incidents occurred thank God for little favors. You have a beautiful country and very friendly people. I felt like family. Thank you and your staff for the arrangements. Thanks again I will be returning in the future.
Karen Sanzone, NY

Colleen Toner, AB, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2014

Words can not describe the absolutely wonderful holiday we had with Sheenco Travel. As the organizer for 17 family members, ranging in age from 10 – 79, I was slightly stressed. You worry about spending their money, accommodations, enjoyment and the travel guide/driver – who can make or break a holiday. I knew that we wanted a personal driver to tour Southern Ireland, which included Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Doolin and a stay in a castle. We had 10 nights to take in many sights, such as, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry, Lakes of Killarney, Dingle Peninsula, Aran Islands and slip in a Greyhound race and medieval feast. After researching three different companies, receiving their quotes and itineraries, Genevieve came through on all accounts. She LISTENED, reworked the itinerary to fit our wants and needs and remained extremely pleasant when answering my many questions.  The first thing I would like to mention is our driver and tour guide, Funky Mark. His high energy, knowledge, friendliness and over all awesome personality was one of the reasons our trip was such a success. His choice of music and at times strobing lights, brought a smile and laughter to all. Mark had a wonderful way of getting to know us and made suggestions and changes to our itinerary that took us “off the beaten path”, making for a special day. We drove by his family home, waved to his Dad and heard stories of his dear Mummy. It was as if we were travelling with a good friend. Lastly, I must speak of his driving skills. Mark’s ability to manoeuvre all those narrow twisting roads that make Ireland unique, was remarkable. You will never find a cleaner bus in all of Ireland. Mark vacuumed, wiped, dusted and swept his bus at every stop. There was never a doubt that the windows would be clear for all those spectacular sights. Off the charts when it comes to ranking him!!   Our accommodations were wonderful. The Ashling Hotel, in Dublin and the Clarion, in Cork were in a great location. The Malton Hotel was beautiful. Large rooms, close to town, friendly service and fabulous detail in the dining room. Sheedy’s Country House in Lisdoonvarna was fantastic. Martina and John made our stay so comfortable and the dinner was absolutely spectacular . Dromoland Caslte was our last stop. We treated ourselves to golf, a hawk walk (very cool), horse and carriage ride, biking and the best fish (Monkfish) I have ever had. The nightly singing in the bar, the beautiful rooms, the gorgeous grounds, all made our Castle experience magical. This review could not be complete without mentioning Clare, in reservation. We had a few changes and a family emergency but Clare was always on top of it. Whether by phone or email she was professional and extremely kind. I felt very well looked after and I knew that my group were being cared for. I realize I have only touched on a few of our highlights – there are too many to mention at this time. Just know that the “Toner” group were positively impressed with Sheenco Travel. We will recommend you to many and hopefully have a chance to call on your services when we return in the future.
Colleen Toner, AB

Ron & Pat Camp, GA, Custom Self Drive, August 2014

We had a great time. They weather turned out great for us and the country was beautiful. All of our experiences were great with our favorite place to stay being Ashford Castle. We saw so many different things from castles to Abbeys to crystal factories that it would be hard to say what was best. The car we had was great (brand new audi A5) and we took a GPS of Ireland so we had no problems with directions. We had few problems and my wife and I both agree that the people are as friendly as anywhere we have ever been. We will certainly pass on our knowledge of Sheenco Travel. Your people were great and the experience was wonderful.
Ron & Pat Camp, GA

Barbara Alexander, ON, Custom Self Drive, August 2014

We had a very good trip. We enjoyed the different castle hotels, as each had its own different atmosphere. Ashford was probably our favorite. We were  able to tour so much of Ireland in the time we were there, and to enjoy the spectacular scenery. We appreciate the organizing that you did for us.
Barbara Alexander, ON

Linda and Kevin MacDougall, ON, Custom Self Drive, August 2014

We had a fantastic time on our vacation in Ireland. You did an excellent job of providing us with ideas for our itinerary, and we enjoyed every accommodation. There was a good mix of castles, older homes and new hotels to stay in. Service in all was excellent, food was great. We enjoyed the driving tour we did on our own, (a GPS navigation system is a must) because we could set our own destinations, and use our time as we chose. We have done bus tours and much preferred the freedom of doing our own thing. Thanks for all you did in putting together this package.
Linda and Kevin MacDougall, ON

Tad & Elizabeth Dunn, NC, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2014

Elizabeth, Sallie, Mary Katherine and I just came back from our 9-day vacation arranged by you to Ireland. I wanted you to know how pleased we were with your choice of driver (Gerry), itinerary, and lodging (the Pembroke in Kilkenny, Malton in Killarney, Dromoland Castle, Ashford Castle (wow!), and Conrad in Dublin). We topped off our trip with seats at the GAA quarterfinals between Donegal (we were adopted by the Donegal fans) and Armagh. I’d like to say that this was a “once-in-a lifetime” trip but I know that Elizabeth and I will be back. For me, seeing County Clare where my grandmother Mary Ann O’Malley was from on her way to the US was very special. You folks did a great job of putting together our vacation, and I was especially appreciative of your looking after Mary Katherine and her shellfish allergy. I wish we did as good a job in the States. We look forward to traveling with you again. Thanks again, and please feel free to use us as a reference. We’d recommend you without reservation.
Tad Dunn, NC
Having now digested and reviewed (though not as a group) our trip, we want you to know it was FANTASTIC! When I try to judge my favorite parts, I am at a bit of a loss. Bunratty Castle comes to mind (I am a reader or historical novels), though I can’t believe I climbed every step. I was dizzy the rest of the afternoon, but happy. As a gardener, Powerscourt gardens and those of Ashford castle were also favorites. The former is featured in almost every gardening book I own, and the latter will be truly exquisite as the new plantings mature. The top of the list for me, however, is the view from our room at Ashford Castle. Given scones with cream, I could sit and look at the lake for a month. (By the way, we traveled on our stomachs!) Gerry was perfect for us. He sensed our energy levels and helped us make good choices when we were too tired to see everything. He also steered us to great pubs! As Mary Katherine said, “I’m gonna miss G-dog. He drove it like it was stolen.” Translated, she loved Gerry and how fast he was able to drive on the narrow twisty roads. That was a true compliment from a hip hop listening, purple (though tastefully) streaked haired 21 year old. The one problem we had was a slight allergic reaction by Mary Katherine in the dining room at Ashford Castle. A dish also made it to Tad that was quickly removed, but it could have been a problem. They were using molecular gastronomy, and I’m not sure all the special ingredients and techniques used for that are easily identifiable. On the other hand, at every stop the hotel waitstaff knew there were allergies and discussed them with us. Thank you for letting them all know. The Malton was especially impressive. The manager told us that they have a meeting with the entire restaurant staff every day and discuss each guest’s food needs.  When we’ve had our family get together to compare photos and memories in October, I’ll send some pictures and highlights from the others. In the meantime, please feel free to use us as references. Though we haven’t got a Facebook page, we always like to share our good experiences with others. We are happy to include you as one of the best travel experiences we’ve ever had! Many, many thanks,
 Elizabeth Dunn, NC

Kyle Smith, VA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2014

We had a wonderful time and we absolutely enjoyed the trip, the people, their warmth and beauty. Highlight for us was Ashford Castle just as you predicted and the Falconry School was a chance of a lifetime. Certainly one of the coolest experiences of our lives. Overall accommodations were very nice. I want to provide a very strong endorsement and appreciation for our guide (friend!!) Jerry Horgan. He added so much to our experience he was professional, safe, knowledgeable and friendly certainly but he went above and beyond in every way. As an example, our boys took an interest in hurling and he got two hurleys for the boys and taught them how to play. This is one example of many where Jerry made our trip special. We could not make a stronger recommendation than the one we would give Jerry Horgan – special gentleman. We look forward to visiting again and appreciate all you did to make the trip come together and for the special memories we now have.
Kyle Smith, VA

Gerry and Deborah Taylor, ON, Escorted Castle Tour, July 2014

My husband and I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you for our outstanding Ireland vacation that was set up for us. Our experience was absolutely wonderful and even though we have had many vacations around the world, our very most favorite vacation was this one! We would also like to mention that our tour guide was extremely helpful and has this great knack for telling stories through his long experience as a guide.  He was always punctual and my husband and I said if it wasn’t for Paddy Kennedy our trip would have not been as pleasurable as he talked on about the history and experience stories as our guide. Paddy will always be a special person and memory who contributed significantly to our most favorite vacation.
Gerry and Deborah Taylor, ON

Buffy Robblee, AB, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2014

We all had a fantastic time in Ireland.  Mark was personable,  knowledgeable, punctual, accommodating, and made our holiday most enjoyable.  If he didn’t know something, he would find out.  We did most things that you suggested on the itinerary.  All of the accommodations selected were very good.  We all liked the variety of accommodations as well.  If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the Sandhouse.  We dined there as well and the lamb shank was superb! To have the ocean front rooms was a bonus and to hear the sound of the ocean was so soothing.   Wish we had more time there!  Fairview Guest house in Killarney was also lovely.  Great location!  The Abbeyglen castle was unique and loved the close proximity to Clifden.  We walked into the village easily and had dinner.    The Europa in Belfast sure has some history doesn’t it?  The rooms there were a bit on the small side but not a problem at all.  Again, an excellent location to walk everywhere.  We were fortunate to be able to go to the local market which is only open on weekends!!  Loved the Ashling.  So very convenient to everything!   The Clarion in Cork was also in a great location.  We just needed more time to explore but I bet you get that feedback from many others.  The weather at Cliffs of Moher did not co-operate for us so were unable to see them.  We substituted the Ring of Kerry for Dingle peninsula instead and glad that we did.   The weather on that day was not good as well.  The weather did co-operate for us to take the ferry over to Innishmore and spend the day.  We rented bikes and really enjoyed exploring the island.  We had enough time to have a late lunch and do a bit of shopping.  Wished we could have spent time in Galway but there wasn’t enough time to do both.  All in all, a most memorable vacation was had by all.  Thank you for all of your help in making it all happen!
Buffy Robblee, AB

Philip Bergan, CT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2014

On behalf of the Bergan family, I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service you and your company provided us during our family trip to Ireland in July, 2014. In particular, we would like to thank two drivers. Danny McCarthy, who was our primary driver, ferried us around the country with unfailing good humor. He accommodated our many requests, was patient with our two little granddaughters, made excellent suggestions regarding food and sights, regaled us with songs and stories, and went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us find where the Bergans came from. Oh, and he was an excellent driver. Our next “thank you” goes to the driver  who drove my wife and me, and our younger son, from Ashford Castle to Shannon Airport. He, too, was punctual, professional, funny, and unforgettable. Our vacation to Ireland was a memorable family experience, greatly enhanced by your efforts regarding logistics and by your fine staff.
Philip Bergan, CT

Maryann Donovan, PA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2014

We have taken a week after returning from Ireland to catch our breath and relive the trip of a lifetime! We are so thrilled that everything was just about perfect. Our driver, Dave Costello was a gem. He was a great guy, historian, gentleman, laughed, told jokes, played music appropriate to our location and couldn’t have been a better fit for my husband and I. While at Ashford we opted to eat in the main dining room. Wonderful. They even supplied a jacket for my husband to wear. Thank you for helping us plan this incredible vacation.
Maryann Donovan, PA

Cindy Madole, TX, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2014

We had a fabulous time in Ireland.  Sheenco Travel planned a very nice trip for us.  I do have a number of comments I would like to share with you.  First and foremost, Des Murphy, our driver, was the single most important factor in making our trip as good as it was.  He was knowledgeable, funny, and went out of his way to help us and encourage all the right stops.  He figured out what we wanted to do very quickly and made sure we saw things not in the guide book but that would make our trip special.  He took very good care of my Mom.  We genuinely enjoyed his company and felt well cared for.  He took us to some nice Irish restaurants and recommended some castles and activities that we would not have seen.  Ashford Castle was one such stop where we did falconry!  Fabulous.  The driver who took us to our first hotel and back to the airport was also wonderful.  He was on time and pointed out sights to us and gave us some history.  The people were just great.  We loved Waterford Castle.  We also loved Abbeyglen Castle – the staff there were lovely.  Fun sing alongs and champagne.  The Brooks Hotel in Dublin was perfect.  The breakfasts at all of the hotels were incredible.  All in all we were very, very pleased and would recommend Sheenco Travel.  We had a wonderful vacation and thank you for arranging it for us.
Cindy Madole, TX

Anne Marie McLoughlin, MA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2014

Thank you for the wonderful vacation you helped put together for us. I have to mention, a special thank you, to Isabella who worked with us to change our hotel dates in Ballyliffin due to the unexpected hospital stay in Dublin. Staying an extra night in Dublin meant our other dates got pushed back, which we had not accounted for. She was wonderful calling all the hotels and changing arrival dates for us and calling to check up on us during the trip.  It was very comforting to know that someone was there to help with travel arrangements if needed. As for the transportation our driver was James Finn.  He was wonderful, professional, but personable with six people in the group. James listened to each of us as to what we had an interest in and made every effort to see that we got to the places we had mentioned. He also had wonderful suggestions as to where to eat and other interesting places to see. The hotels we stayed at on this trip are all very nice. The best on my list would be the Ballyliffin Lodge and Spa in Donegal.  The rooms and food were great and reasonable priced. I would suggest Sheenco Travel to both family and friends. Also, please suggest a personal driver, such as James Finn to make the trip complete. Thanks to you and everyone at Sheenco Travel.
Anne Marie McLoughlin, MA

Anita Moore, FL, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2014

Thank you so much! We found everything about our trip and your country to be enchanting. Our only regret was that our time there was too short. With that in mind we will definitely be planning a return trip and we heartily recommend your services to anyone planning a trip to Ireland. All of our accommodations were first class and the staff of each hotel were so friendly and helpful. We especially enjoyed Connor at the Brooks in Dublin. Our guide, Dave Costello was incredibly efficient and perceptive to our interest. His knowledge of Ireland and her history was impressive and his easy going personality was a great match to our small group. Thank you again for planning such a stress free and great trip for us.
Anita Moore, FL

Pamela Perullo, NY, Escorted Castle Tour, June 2014

I will be talking about this vacation for years to come. It was wonderful. We saw everything ,so much more than I ever expected. Our guide Paddy was so knowledgeable , he was a pleasure. I will be recommending Sheenco Travel to every-one.  Thank you for giving my husband and I a very special experience with memories that will
 last a lifetime.
Pamela Perullo, NY

George Powell, NH, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2014

I want to thank you for an amazing vacation.  It was worth every penny.  Jerry Flannigan was outstanding and I would highly recommend him to anyone traveling in Ireland.  Just an amazing trip and made our family extremely happy!!! Thanks again
George Powell, NH

Diane Wilber, FL, Escorted Castle Tour, June 2014

We really enjoyed Ireland.  What a beautiful country and such loving and kind people.   It was all more than I expected.  Paddy’s knowledge was amazing.  The castle I enjoyed most was Ballyseede.  I felt like I had stepped back in time. The food was all delicious but Finnegan’s was the BEST. Thanks for all your help.
Diane Wilber, FL

Michael Quinlivan, CT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2014

We had a wonderful time. Our driver Mark was terrific. He made the trip that much better
Michael Quinlivan, CT

Sheila Lynch, AR, Custom Self Drive, June 2014

Our trip was wonderful. We saw a lot of beautiful countryside. All of the accommodations were nice but we all agreed our favorite was Ballynahinch Castle.  You all did an excellent job arranging the accommodations in each city.  To summarize, the trip will be a positively memorable one and we would certainly do it all over again!
Sheila Lynch, AR

Larry & Jean Gilbert, CA, Custom Self Drive, May 2014

We were very pleased with Sheenco Travel choices of accommodations and your service.  Glasha was very nice, and Olive was lovely, so we have no complaints about any of our overnight accommodations.  The banquet was a lot of fun, and going early was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised with Bunratty Manor – it is a very nice hotel, and the people were very gracious, including providing access to breakfast early since we had to leave for the airport before normal breakfast hours.  Finally – we loved Ireland and its people.  Thanks to everyone at Sheenco Travel for all their assistance.
Larry & Jean Gilbert, CA

Janet McClusky, TN, Custom Chauffeur Driven, May 2014

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Ireland.  All of your arrangements happened as the itinerary stated. We are in awe of the history of your beautiful green country.  Steve was our driver/guide.  We cannot give him enough praise.  He was perfect and so knowledgeable.  He never rushed us or minded if we wanted to alter the schedule.  He always knew of good places to eat or shop so we had many choices. He accommodated us in every way necessary.  We would rank him 100 on a scale of 1-10!!!!!  He was really off the charts. We LOVED the Bunratty banquet.  Thank you for listening to our comments and arranging such a beautiful trip and gorgeous weather! We would recommend your company to anyone who is traveling to Ireland.
Janet McClusky, TN

Sarah Linville, AL, Custom Self Drive, May 2014

Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed our vacation to Ireland.  Your help was invaluable and I enjoyed every castle and hotel that you booked for us. Your help and suggestions were right on the money.  Checking in and out went very smoothly every single place we stayed.  I enjoyed the people, atmosphere, food and getting to meet the beautiful wolfhound, at Ballyseede Castle, but our favorite place was Ballynahinch Castle- the bed was so comfortable and the views were simply gorgeous.  The Medieval Banquet was my favorite activity, it was great- I think I could sit through that over and over.  I even had to buy some Mead to bring home-very potent stuff. The people of Ireland are wonderful, so friendly and helpful and we enjoyed every aspect of your beautiful country.  Our only regret was that we didn’t get to see the Cliffs of Mohr, it was raining and extremely foggy, but we still walked along the wall and did some shopping, so the trip wasn’t completely wasted and we stopped in a little fishing village that we enjoyed, I believe the name was Roundstone.  Thank you again for helping me plan the trip of a lifetime and please know that it was everything I hoped it would be and more!  If I ever get the chance to visit again, I will definitely go through you.
Sarah Linville, AL

Victor Klatt, DC, Custom Chauffeur Driven, April 2014

We had a great time – and it was in no small part due to the great itinerary you guys put together, and the wonderful driver – Jerry – you selected for us.  Spending time with Jerry was truly one of the highlights of our trip, and he did a great job responding to our requests to divert from the itinerary and try a few new places, and could not have been nicer and more accommodating. As for the hotels, we particularly enjoyed staying in the castle you all selected for us.  Please know I will recommend you to anyone and everyone, and I am happy to serve as a reference if the occasion ever arises when I might be able to be helpful.  Thanks again for everything, and my best to you and your team at Sheenco.

Victor Klatt, DC

Heather Garcia, TX, Custom Self Drive, March 2014

I am struggling for words to describe our vacation, amazing, mind blowing, and beautiful are the first things that come to mind.  From the first conversation I had with Gerard I knew this was going to be great, I had no idea how great it would be though. The accommodation’s were amazing.  Everywhere we went we had no issues checking in and the people we so kind.   The suggested sites to visit were very helpful in planning our days.  We really enjoyed driving between towns and getting to experience your beautiful home. The entire staff of Sheenco deserves a great big THANK YOU!  My husband and I saved and planned for the this trip for a year, and it was everything we dreamed it would be.  We are already talking about when we can go back!  I have passed your contact information on to several friends who have mentioned that they would like to see Ireland.  Again, thank you for helping us make this a wonderful trip and we look forward to traveling with you again.

Heather Garcia, TX

Katherine Mistilis, MS, Custom Chauffeur Driven, March 2014

The trip was wonderful, we loved every accomodation we stayed in. We especially enjoyed the Dapper driver, Danny. The driver can make or break a trip and he definitely made ours. He was also our tour guide and had a special Lagniappe for us every day, He was so helpful and patient with 8 ladies. He taught us to sing a bar song that we got to practice in the pub in Ballynahinch. This trip was by far the best trip I have made to Ireland and I have been quite a few times. The accomodations, the food, the company, the driver and luxury van, even the weather were all excellent. The 4 Castles we stayed in were just marvelous. Even better, there were fire places in most of the castles we stayed in. Everyone we met had a smile on their face and were so helpful.
Katherine Mistilis, MS

Phyllis Orlicek, AR, Custom Chauffeur Driven, December 2013

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Ireland in December. The hotels were beautiful, our driver Des Murphy was so personable and so helpful, and the suggestions from Sheenco for touring were great. I don’t think we could have had a better trip. Thanks for all your help.

Phyllis Orlicek, AR

Mark & Kim Deitrick, GA, Custom Self Drive, December 2013

All in all, everything went great! All of the hotels had wonderful staff and they took quite good care of us.  Our two favorites were Ashford Castle and Inverlochy Castle.  They were both just incredible.  The Rocpool in Inverness was also very nice and the staff there was just fantastic. Cullin Hills, Hayfield Manor, The Kensington (a tiny room) and The Malton were all wonderful as well and we would have no issues staying again at any of those fine places as well. On our final itinerary, the links that you provided to the hotels really made traveling on our own much easier.  Thank you for also recommending that we bring our own GPS.  It made driving so much easier!  I want to thank you and your staff for working with us and making this trip an experience that we won’t forget.  Your flexibility in reworking the trip and getting last minute payment was just wonderful and we both really appreciate it.  If we know of anyone planning a trip to the UK or Ireland, we will not hesitate to refer them to you as we know you will provide them with a first rate trip!

Mark & Kim Deitrick, GA

Brenda Ryan, ON, Custom Self Drive, October 2013

I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had. My trip to Ireland was more than I could have imagined and I will have memories that will last me a life time. Every time I turned around there was another spectacular view of Ireland that simply took your breath away. I want to thank you and your colleagues for all the hard work you did. Everything went smoothly and fortunately I had no need to contact you. My stay at Waterford Castle was excellent. The elegance and decorum of the Castle were simply stupendous! I enjoyed it very much and would stay there again. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. I was unsure of the accommodation that was arranged for Killarney as you well know because it was a change at the last minute. As it turned out, the Arbutus Hotel and the staff that were there were one of my most favorite parts of the trip! The accommodation was very clean and the room was tastefully decorated with a personal touch. The staff were friendly and they made you feel like you were part of a family. I would definitely go back there. I wish them another 85 years of success.
Brenda Ryan, ON

Chris Boudreaux, AZ, Custom Self Drive, October 2013

I had an awesome time in Ireland!  Each of the castles you arranged for me was excellent.  Ashford Castle was my favorite and the Hawk Walk was fantastic!  The weather was as to be expected, but coming from the desert, being rained on once and a while was a bonus. As for your arrangements I did not have a single problem.  From picking up my rental car to my hotel reservations, each was completed without a hitch.  Bravo! The staff and accommodations were first rate at Ashford, Dromoland, Waterford, Ballyseede and Lough Eske which was also by far the nicest smelling hotel I have ever stayed at! Again, Thank-you for arranging such an incredible trip.  I could not have accomplished it on my own.  I have bragged about your service to everybody, and will continue to do so. And I’ll definitely contact you for my trip to Northern Ireland in the future.
Chris Boudreaux, AZ

Sheila Dugan, AZ, Jewels of Ireland Tour, September 2013

Wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful are the only three words that I can think of to describe “My Trip to Ireland” this past September. I was not sure just how things would go, or what to expect because I have never been on a tour or been to Ireland.  I could not have been any happier about how things went and the the wonderful places we stayed (I loved Dingle the best, I would love to live there!) But then on the other hand, I thought Kinsale and Galway were lovely.  Each day seemed to be more wonderful than the day before. The accommodations and the meals were all fantastic and never a disappointment.  The entertainment was so fun…I love, love to watch Irish Dancing! I really enjoyed Northern Ireland and the beauty of it.  Derry was a lovely town and our guide was great! I truly think our tour group, which was very cohesive, was so lucky to have Willie Lawless as our driver and Sibeena Murphy as our guide. They are both outstanding people and it was obvious that they have a true love for Ireland. I am so proud of my Irish heritage, and how wonderful that this is the year of “The Gathering” and that I was there representing my family. When I told some of the people on my tour that you had corresponded with me and helped me on planning this trip, they said they wished they had had you.  They said their travel agencies in their home towns did nothing but book the tour for them.  Thank you again.

Sheila Dugan, AZ


Mark & Denise Jones, CA, Custom Self Drive, September 2013

We had a fantastic time and look forward to returning! The hotels were great. Galway was beautiful. We even had some hurlers in our hotel! We took a trip to Cong (lovely) and flew the hawks at Ashford Castle. The one in Killarney (Fairview Guesthouse) was a little upscale for us, but very nice. Killarney itself was a little trendy, but fun. We even made it down to Cork so I could see the port where the last of my ancestors left Ireland 180 years ago. But Bunratty…Bunratty was everything we wanted. The hotel (Bunratty Manor), their staff, the area…for us it was perfect. We wished we could have stayed the weekend for the banjo picking contest!Thank you for all your help in planning what was the trip of my dreams.
Mark & Denise Jones, CA


Bob Burnside, ON, Escorted Castle Tour + Add On, September 2013

All in all a wonderful trip, but let me expand on that. Our initial few days resulted from the car rental with Hertz which went well. I am adding what must be common knowledge that car rentals are all wanted when the transatlantic flights arrive, hence the place is packed and stays that way even though about 6 clerks were processing rentals. I expect all companies are the same but it is overwhelming when one steps into the office and sees 20 people or more all waiting for 20 rentals ahead of you. It actually moves along well but they could do with more seats for the passengers. We are all tired and likely irritable then compared to some times, all looking for some assurance as to destination, insurance etc,but Hertz did OK. Car was good and my driving exceeded expectations! For just about 4 or 5 days I took the extra insurance since the peace of mind sold me. For a longer rental I might not have. Cabra Castle was Wonderful!! Only have good things to say about that place. Obviously only one night is not a long enough time for a meaningful rating but we would go back there again from what we experienced. We joined our group at Clontarf castle. Turning in the rental car was easy and a taxi took us to the meeting place. We loved the first evening Irish House Party. Our driver/guide, Steve did a very good job for us. He was personable, not afraid to give his opinion and had interesting facts and stories, all while driving. Ballyseede was OK. Staff were good here. Meals pretty good but not up to the next two places. Dromoland and Ashford are both outstanding and the sort of place one dreams of seeing and staying at. Staff, food, accommodation all superb in our experience. Kilronan was attractive and we liked our room. Meals good but staff and meals not quite up to the prior two places. So in total we had a wonderful trip. The itinerary was good, driver excellent, accommodation a good variety, information provided before trip very well done and appreciated . I would certainly look at Sheenco when going again.
Bob Burnside, ON


Lisa Hamilton, IL, Custom Self Drive, September 2013

Let’s just start by saying it was a trip of a lifetime and one we will never forget. The car rental process went smoothly according to my husband. He got a GPS to help us navigate our way around. It took us on a few adventures when we missed the street and it redirected us, but we saw some amazing sites. Having never even imagined staying in a castle before, I can tell you, we were thrilled. Although we were not thrilled with Waterford the town itself, Waterford Castle was a delight. I believe when we arrived at the Fairview Guesthouse we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to a bigger room. We did so, and it was great. The room was spotless. We were not prepared for the tiny elevators that claim to fit 8 people. We barely fit with our two suitcases but it was fun. Ballyseede Castle was at my request and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we arrived. It was massive and absolutely beautiful. I had asked for this because we are huge dog lovers and were missing our two at home. I had read that there were two dogs on site and looked very forward to seeing them. We missed them the first night and thought we might miss them the next morning as we checked out. When we went to the office to check out, there they were and although the little dog was enjoying his morning sleep in the sun, the Irish Wolfhound greeted us, and let us pet him and even gave me a goodbye kiss on my nose before he too returned to sleeping in the sun. The Park House Hotel in Galway, although hard to find, was well worth the five times around it took us to find the parking area. We were greeted by a young man who took our keys and said he would park the car for us. He told us where to go for check-in and the young lady there told us where to go to find our room and that our bags would be brought up for us. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we opened the door to our room. We walked into what is like a dining room here in the States, that led into a huge room with a couch and two large beds, and there was another door that led into a bathroom big enough for a large family. It had two large sinks and counters lining one whole wall and the other wall there was a separate shower and bathtub. The staff there was extremely friendly and even told my husband where to go for the best Guinness and live music. Ashford Castle made us feel like royalty. As we pulled into the entrance a young man asked us who we were and told us we were expected. He told us to follow the road to the Castle and another man would be waiting to escort us inside when we arrived. We were met by the second man who said he would have our car parked for us and he took our luggage for us and led us to the person who would check us in. We were led to a friendly, yet formal lady who explained things to us and then passed us off to another young man who asked if we wanted a tour or just be show to our room. I should have taken the tour. We were taken to our spacious room with a view or the fountain. We took a walk around some of the grounds and gardens ( even though it was cold and raining) and went inside and had our first ever Afternoon Tea. I don’t drink tea and they were nice enough to offer hot chocolate to warm me up after walking in the rain. I would stay in any of these places again. They were wonderful. This was a great adventure and was what I would classify as “The Trip of a Lifetime”!!!!!!! Thank you so much. If we ever make it to Ireland again, we will surely use your company.
Lisa Hamilton, IL

Julie Dressing, VA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, August 2013

Our thanks to Sheenco for planning and executing a wonderful trip that surpassed our expectations.  With just a little guidance from us regarding our desired plans, we were provided a proposed itinerary which took us along the coast throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland, and covered what we wanted to see at the perfect pace.  We knew that having a driver would spare us from having to adjust to the left hand driving and navigating the roads.  What we hadn’t focused on, however, was the significant advantage it would provide in allowing us to use all of our time in the most efficient manner possible, and to see things we would never have known were there. Our driver, Mark, truly made our trip exceptional, explaining Irish history, providing details regarding sights we would see and their significance, sharing Irish folklore and stories, and knowing all the off-the-beaten track places to stop for pictures and exploring. As lovers of music, we greatly enjoyed Mark’s sharing of music relevant to the locations we were seeing.  It truly became a completely “Irish” vacation as we traveled along hearing traditional folk music, and also learning the meaning behind some of the modern music with which we were familiar, but had not grasped the context.  Mark’s quick wit, cheerfulness, incredible timeliness and flexibility made the trip very enjoyable, and his suggestions and adaptation of the itinerary allowed us to make the most of each day.  We covered a lot of ground in our twelve days, ranging from Dublin to Waterford, Killarney, Adare, Bunratty, Galway, Connemara, Donegal, Derry and Belfast, but never felt rushed and had time to truly enjoy the beauty of Ireland.  Our accommodations were great, and we particularly enjoyed our stays at the Malton Hotel, Dromoland Castle and Lough Eske Castle.  We are still debating what sights we liked the most – among them the Rock of Cashel,Dingle Peninsula, Cliffs of Moher and the Burren, Kylemore Abbey, the Giants Causeway,and the cities of Dublin, Galway, Derry and Belfast. It truly was a wonderful trip filled with great memories.  Given that we normally research, plan and book all of our own trips, taking this approach was new to us (and somewhat of a leap of faith!).  We are so glad we went this route, and it provided us a relaxing and perfect vacation.
Julie Dressing, VA

Fred & Anne Fenn, CT, Custom Chauffeur Driven, July 2013

Our vacation was great! I really liked both Gerry and Liam as drivers. They were personable and knowledgeable about the areas we visited. Gerry knew the best places to stop at for lunch! Liam recited a poem in Gaelic. By having a driver, Anne and I were never rushed from one stop to the next. Our drivers were always patient and ready for moving on when we were finished with each stop. Staying at the Trinity Capitol Hotel in Dublin was great. It is located right in the heart of the city and made walking to see the Book of Kells and Christ Church so easy. Also Temple Bar was right around the corner as was the Liffey River Boat tours. There were many “next time” moments in our Dublin visit. I would stay at the Trinity Capitol next time. I loved Waterford Castle. The suite was great, the food excellent, the grounds wonderful and the personnel top notch. We loved the location and did some walking on the grounds. We chose to go to the museum instead of Waterford Crystal. The museum was great and Gerry was so flexible about our request. He knew some of the people inside and came in with us to be sure we were able to take advantage of the tour that was offered. My wanting to go to the museum was to see a hat that belonged to Henry VIII. I kept looking for the hat during the tour and did not find it. At the end I asked about and was told that the hat was in another museum that was a part of the three-museum facility. Since we did not have tickets to the whole facility and since we were on somewhat of a time schedule, I thanked them and prepared to leave. The person realizing our situation instructed one of the young museum summer workers to take us across the courtyard to the second museum and show us the hat! Needless to say, I was elated. I got a really great picture. I liked your suggested itinerary in that it included some of the usual Ireland stops. Kissing the Blarney stone was one of those stops. For us Americans, it is fascinating to explore your castles – especially Blarney. Your suggestions about pubs for our musical listening pleasure were excellent. Gerry took the time to drive us by the Danny Mann pub so we could easily walk there from the Malton Hotel. Loved the music, food and atmosphere! The Ring of Kerry was great. Gerry would stop at various scenic spots for us to enjoy. I brought my tin whistle with the hope of joining a session in a pub at some point. That didn’t happen, but I did get to play. At one of the stops we encountered a young man who was playing the uilleann pipes. Anne told him I played whistle and he immediately invited me to play a few tunes with him…which I did! What an experience playing whistle with uilleann pipes in the hills of the Ring of Kerry! I loved the Cliffs of Moher. Having a driver gave us all the time we wanted to experience and explore the cliffs. We both appreciated that. I loved the Burren and the ancient burial site. I really loved Ballynahinch Castle. Its location was what drew me to it and I was not disappointed. The suite was so excellent – thanks. We did have a chance to walk a bit after supper each night on some of the trails on the grounds. The food was excellent. Liam was so accommodating with our decision to not go out to the Aran Islands because of the threat of rain and thundershowers. We could easily make this switch because of having a driver. We went to the Kylemore Abbey instead. It was planned for the next day of our journey, but because we switched, we were able to spend more time there. We ended being there for about 3 hours! There was so much to take in…loved the gardens. We took the time to sit for a bit just taking in the sights and atmosphere. I loved the two monastic settlements. It was hard to wrap my brain around such old ruins. The year 512 does not compute in the US! Back to Dublin. Our last castle was a good one making it a good place to begin to decompress and prepare for our journey home. I would recommend Sheenco Travel and have done so to our friends. Thanks for all the work you did to make our vacation the best.
Fred Fenn, CT

Sheenco Travel was an excellent choice for travel advice.  They asked us questions, took our suggestions, answered all our questions, responded in a timely manner, and put together a vacation that was relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. I felt the pacing was perfect. They just seemed to know how long to stay in a place, where to stay, and what to do.  They always provided helpful suggestions (example: don’t go to the Aran islands if the weather isn’t good – that did happen to us, and we took the plan B suggestion and toured Kylemore Abbey and Gardens instead – and wow, what a gift!). Our first driver, Gerry Flanagan, was outstanding.  He was consistently prompt (always early), helpful, positive, and took us to out-of-the-way spots on a couple of occasions (ex. After we toured the Bog Village (Gerry went with us and was our personal tour guide – he seemed to know everybody and he also knew a lot of facts), he took us to a local farmer named Brendan, who trained dogs to lead sheep – we saw his demonstration and it was fascinating – very colorful character – good with groups – and it was a fun activity for us), and he gave good suggestions for places to eat (“This place has a great apple pie” or at Paddy Short’s – “I stop here a lot – food is good, typical Irish food”). Sadly, five days into the trip, Gerry needed to go home to be with his family for personal reasons. It was a smooth transition to Liam Sayers, a retired math professor who spoke fluent Gaelic.  Because we are both teachers, it was fun having a teacher drive us, and the flavor of the trip was a bit different from Gerry (not better, not worse – just different) so we feel blessed to have had two fabulous drivers on our trip.  Liam, just like Gerry, was always prompt and helpful.  Both drivers made us feel relaxed and comfortable and never in a hurry. Our accommodations were beyond our wildest dreams. Everything from exquisite food to impeccable service to beautiful rooms was such a gift to us.  Our favorite castle was Ballynahinch!!  Friendly, warm, relaxed, helpful.  We felt a bit more at home there (maybe it was the firewood next to the pub!) and were thankful for two nights.  We did a lot of walking, and enjoyed the trails by the Ballynahinch River. We did get to the Danny Mann Pub and saw a great concert – “Celtic Whisper” – fabulous!  Fabulous!  We bought their cd.  Also enjoyed Blarney Inn Pub in Dublin – went there two nights – very friendly and delicious Irish stew!! We loved and appreciated all your suggestions and took most of them – Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle (and yes, we climbed the 100 windy, narrow, steep stairs to kiss that stone), riverboat cruise on the Liffey River, Trinity College and the Book of Kells (had a great student guide who was both entertaining and interesting), Temple Bar, Dublin Castle gardens, Muckross House and Gardens, Waterford Museum and Waterford Castle, Powerscourt House and Gardens, Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Reginald Tower in Waterford, Killarney, Kilkenny, Adare, Cork, lots of ruins and monastic settlements, the Burren and that burial tomb, Ailwee Caves, Limerick, King John’s Castle, Connemarra, Galway…I mean, we saw and did far more than we ever imagined we would.  The beauty of having a driver, of course, is the flexibility – we stopped often to admire views and take pictures.  We would recommend a driver to anyone thinking of touring.  Liam even recited a famous Gaelic poem for us and let us record him on our cell phone! Some surprises:  no Half and Half in Ireland for coffee, and I don’t like milk in coffee, so I learned to ask for “pouring cream”, and that was yummy!  Water in glass bottles that you just use but don’t have to buy…butter served in little triangular wedges… Brie and warm tomatoes at breakfast… We had nine days of complete sunshine!!!  Everyone kept telling us how unusual that was.  Ireland was actually undergoing a heat wave while we there – some days in the 90’s – and they do not have air conditioning, so we did find some nights difficult for sleeping – there were fans for us to use but it was still almost unbearable – but that’s nobody’s fault.  In fact, at Dromoland it was the hottest day and our room was stifling.  Fred asked at the front desk if we could possibly have another, cooler room, and the gal could not have been more gracious and accommodating – a new room was provided immediately – on a lower floor – we were very grateful.  Food there at Dromoland was much more expensive than anywhere else (a simple risotto dish for me and a chicken sandwich for Fred came to 50 euros), but at least the food was good!! Only one rainy day and it still was warm out! When Fred asked Gerry to find an ATM, he did, and Fred could not believe how easy it was to use – it was just like in America!!  And when we arrived at Clondarf, our last hotel, Fred needed to get our boarding passes, and that was also very easy and smooth – the gal at the desk said “Oh yes, go right over to that computer, type in this password, and you should be all set” and she was right!) For me, there were no errors, no negative things, no disappointments (okay, maybe one – when I ordered vegetable soup in an eatery, it was pureed – not like in America – but that I would consider a cultural difference, not a negative comment). Fred and I were very impressed with Sheenco Travel and we have told many of our friends. I would highly recommend them. They certainly worked tirelessly to provide a quality experience for two very grateful Americans!

Anne Fenn, CT

Edward Brooks, IL, Custom Self Drive, July 2013

Our trip was a great success.  Your arrangements were great. Entirely suitable to our tastes for travel and lodging.  Here are some comments. The Malton Hotel was really nice. Spacious room and good restaurants.  Also very conveniently located to the center.  No need to use the car. Driving.  This was a little problematic for me (and probably everyone else from the States)  to say the least.  Driving on the left hand side was hard enough to get used to but the incredibly narrow roads with no shoulders were a nightmare. We got through the 5 days without killing anyone although divorce was close.  I call driving in Ireland “mowing the grass” because whenever you meet someone coming that’s what you have to do with the left side of  the car. The Ring of Kerry was especially difficult.  I’m relying on my wife to tell me how it was since my eyes were locked on the white line the whole time.  The automatic shift was almost a necessity. I would definitely encourage your clients to take the option. We followed most of your site seeing recommendations and the Cliffs of Moher were really great.  I enjoyed the Cliffs because we had to get out of the car and walk to see them. Ashford Castle was incredible. Thanks so much for recommending it and including it in our itinerary.  I don’t think we have ever stayed in such an elegant, historic place with such gorgeous grounds. On the Ring of Connemara my wife suggested we hire a driver so I could actually see the countryside we were driving thru.  This was a great idea. We hired a local driver and he took us all over on back roads we would never have found on our own.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I will be happy to recommend Sheenco Travel to anyone considering a trip to Ireland.  Ireland turned out to be one of the countries we have visited that we would like to return to.  If we do we will certainly  contact you.
Edward Brooks, IL

George Uhall, MD, Escorted Castle Tour + Add On, July 2013

Sheryl and I had a great time.  There were so many great moments I would end up writing you a book to describe them all. Our guide, Paddy was a real treasure.  He’s a keeper! The lowest moment of the tour was the Kilronan Castle.  The facility was nice, but Sheryl and I got the feeling that the Castle tried to cut as many corners as possible.  Our dinner menu wasn’t the standard menu, it was a limited menu that quite frankly was a disappointment.  There was no bottled water in our room, one little bar of soap…. stuff like that.  And, the dining room staff was well…. off.  I don’t know how to put it.  Everything was there, but it was just not up to the standards set by all the other Castles. It was our last night and if I were asked to rate all the castles, Kilronan would be at the bottom of the list.  Was that rating because we had just spent two delightful days at Ashford being catered to like kings and queens??  Probably.  But, Kilronan was definitely the low point of the tour. But, Don’t despair!!  Our last night in Dublin at the Four Seasons pushed the Kilronan memory into oblivion.  We arrived at the Four Season a bit after 12 to find our room wasn’t ready and we were asked if we wouldn’t mind taking a free upgrade to the second best suite in the hotel.  Well, DUH.  We were treated to a suite that had three entrance doors to the suite, three balconies, two full bath rooms, a full kitchen (with espresso machine), a master bedroom the size of my house…. I could go on.  Sheryl literally got lost in the suite. I have never had a hotel give us a wake-up call and then call us back 15 minutes later to make sure we up.  I know the Four Seasons wasn’t on the ‘tour’, but for Sheryl and me, it was a great good-bye gift from Ireland we won’t soon forget. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Ireland.  Sheryl complained the whole way back home that she was going back to ‘crappy old Maryland’ and that she had just discovered the most beautiful place on earth – Ireland. Thanks again.
George Uhall, MD

Ben Correa, FL, Custom Self Drive Honeymoon, June 2013

My wife and I really enjoyed our honeymoon there in Ireland and appreciate the time and effort that your agency put into planning it for us.  We were especially impressed by the contact Kristel made to Ballyseede Castle regarding the horse and carriage ride to ensure that we didn’t miss it.  We would highly recommend your agency to others and look forward to using your services on a return trip to Ireland in the future.
Ben Correa, FL

Amy Wilinski, WI, Custom Spiritual Tour, June 2013

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job that was done to assist in creating the memorable journey we had while in Ireland. Genevieve, the accommodations you set-up were very nice and the meals exquisite! Our driver, Joe Courtney, was a gem and such an added gift.  He worked so well with us and he blended right in with our group.  I really appreciated the communications between Sheenco, Joe, myself and the various venues to ensure everything went smoothly.I look forward to working with you again in the future for our next journey (hopefully in 2015).
Amy Wilinski, WI

Oxana Olach, NY, Escorted Castle Tour, June 2013

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing the castle tour.  One of my best vacations! I had a chance to meet some wonderful people and see Ireland’s amazing country side. Paddy, our guide, was EXCELLENT – he was full of stories and facts!!! He has a wonderful and pleasant personality. He made this trip so much more enjoyable by his knowledge and warm disposition 🙂  Thank you again! I will recommend Sheenco vacations (AND Paddy as a guide of course 🙂 to anybody who is interested in the beautiful Ireland!
Oxana Olach, NY

Joanne Herlihy, NY, Custom Chauffeur Driven, May 2013

First of all, we loved the trip!  Ballyseede Castle was beautiful, we liked Harrington Hall a lot, the Clarion in Cork was very nice as well.  The Harbour Hotel in Galway was fine- the rooms were a little smaller (ok, a lot smaller!) but for our purposes it was just fine.  The people in every single one of the hotels were fantastic- any question was cheerfully answered and any concerns (the only real concern was the number of beds in the rooms for the kids- I think at the Clarion they had Meghan and Ryan in a double bed- that had to be changed and it took them 2 minutes) were quickly addressed.  The country, of course, is beautiful.  We spent a lot more time in Dublin this time than 30 years ago, which we enjoyed.  But we loved traveling the countryside – I think that Galway was a nicer (more cozy) city than Dublin and we loved the Cliffs and Connemara.  Tralee was a really cute town and we had a great evening in a local pub there.  (It seems that we spent a lot of evenings in the local pubs, lol!) We felt comfortable letting the kids roam by themselves at night, so that was a good thing.  The last night in Dublin we ate at the Brazen Head and listened to “food, folklore and fairies” with a gentleman named Johnny Daly- we all enjoyed that one (even though it was pretty pricey!  And you were correct about feeling like your wallet was hemorrhaging in Dublin- but since you had given us a head’s up about it, we were prepared.  I really can’t comment on this vacation with out singing the praises of Dan Cooper, our driver.  What a WONDERFUL gentleman!  We loved him!  He was kind, courteous, funny and so knowledgeable!  Please make sure that his boss knows what a great treasure he has in Dan!  He made the trip for us!  And having a driver was so much smarter for us – at one point we were driving through Killarney and I commented to Steve about remembering a place from 30 years ago – I asked him if he remembered.  His comment back to me -“I was so concerned with driving and not killing us on the roads that I missed a lot of the scenery” so, I was so happy that we did it with a driver this time- we all got to enjoy the scenery! I really can’t thank you enough for the planning and everything that went into making our vacation so wonderful!
Joanne Herlihy, NY

Ina Knorr, BC, Escorted Castle Tour, May 2013

Your tour was everything you promised and much more!  Our driver/guide, Jim, was so professional and courteous and had that lovely Irish wit that we appreciated so much.   Of course having only 5 people on the tour made it possible to get to know each other quite well and I couldn’t have asked for better tour-mates. The castles were spectacular and all but one, Kilronan, far exceeded expectations.   The staff at the castles were tremendously friendly and would do anything to make our stay with them a purely luxurious experience.   Unfortunately, Hilda, the ghost at Ballyseede wasn’t around either night we were there–one of the young fellows advised me that Hilda doesn’t work Tuesdays but he’d call to see if she’d be available for haunting on Wednesday night.   Unfortunately, she didn’t answer so I didn’t get my wish to see her at all!! All in all, it was a magnificent tour of your beautiful country and I can’t say enough good things about Sheenco Travel. Thank you for making my visit there so comfortable and enjoyable.
Ina Knorr, BC

Johnny Teague, TX, Custom Self Drive, May 2013

The Trip was wonderful.  You gave me great things to see and staying in the castles was a great experience.  The Irish people are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, which makes me glad my family originates from Ireland.  The food was great, and the scenery out of this world.  It was a great idea to get a navigation system.  It would have been very frustrating without it.  Even the navigation system wasn’t good for locating specific sites, but with it, your mapquest, and a map, I could enter the city near where I was going and the navigation system got me to the right vicinity.  Then the road signs and people in the area helped me find the sites.  It was fun learning to drive on the left side of the road, from the right side of the car.  Hertz was overly busy.  It was probably the hardest part of the trip, getting the car.  But it was worthy it. I appreciate all you did for me!  I have already highly recommended seeing Ireland and using your group.
Johnny Teague, TX

Catharine Worthen, TX, Custom Self Drive, April 2013

The vacation was wonderful! We especially enjoyed Clontarf, Lough Eske, and Perryville House. The Malton was really nice and we enjoyed it as well. I enjoyed each place we went, and thought that it was a good representation of Ireland. Also, the two days in each place was perfect. We didn’t have a chance to see everything, but we saw almost all of what we wanted too. I would definitely recommend Sheenco Travel to any of my friends or family that want to plan trip to Ireland. Thank you very much for the wonderful vacation!
Catherine Worthen, TX

Arlyn & Nancy Birkholz, MN, Custom Chauffeur Driven, April 2013

We want to let you know how much we all enjoyed our trip to Ireland.  The scenery was spectacular and the sites were memorable.  Thank you for organizing this trip for us, and for setting us up with Pat Griffin.  He was a most attentive driver and very respectful.  He provided us with background information on all the sites.  Patty even made sure we were aware of where to eat and catch music before he dropped us off at our hotel.  We enjoyed his company. All in all the trip was enjoyable and memorable.  We will be recommending your services to friends/family who might be looking to make the trip.
Arlyn & Nancy Birkholz, MN

Tim Budd, MA, Custom Self Drive, April 2013

We had a fantastic trip, all of our accommodations were really excellent. From Trinity Capital Hotel in Dublin, and onward everywhere we stayed we were treated well, and were centrally located. I will say my two favorites were Perryville House in Kinsale, and Ballyseede Castle. Thanks to Sheenco Travel for an excellent vacation. We definitely plan to use your services again.
Tim Budd, MA

Dan O’Fallon, MN, Custom Chauffeur Driven, March 2013

We had a wonderful time in Ireland.  The hotels were great, and all the arrangements you made were spot on.  I will admit that I was nervous about doing this all over the internet, but everything worked out beautifully.  We would use you again in a heartbeat!
Dan O’Fallon, MN

Cassandra Steiner, ON, Custom Self Drive, October 2012

Firstly, let me say thank you so much for all of your hard-work planning our vacation.  It was absolutely immaculate. I miss Ireland everyday. I brought some Irish turf peat home with me in hopes the scent would ease my longing, but it is just not the same! The trip was really, truly magical, and wouldn’t have been the same without your help. All of the places we stayed in were absolutely stunning, and had great service. We managed to get locked inside our room in Waterford castle. I attributed this to jet-lag and old keys, but was told later by a lady that it was likely the Waterford Castle ghost, and that a lot of strange things tend to happen there. I loved it. 🙂While we simply didn’t have time to do all of your recommended stops along the way, the ones we did do were fantastic, such as the Black Taxi tour in Belfast. If I ever know of anyone planning a trip to Ireland, I will recommend Sheenco Travel for sure, for sure 🙂
Cassandra Steiner, ON

Linda Cook, AB, Custom Chauffeur Driven, September 2012

The entire trip was amazing. There was so much to see and seemed like not enough time. It is hard to pick a favorite day or thing. We went to Carrigafoyle Castle and found the Ballylongford Cross at the National Musseum. The boys caught a fish with Frank at Ashford Castle and the Chef cooked it for us as an appetizer. We rode through the Irish countryside and Larkin and Charles golfed at Doonbeg. Our mission to get Sam to Gus O’Connors for his 18th was a resounding success and was one of the highlights of the vacation. A night Sam will ne’re forget. We ate a lot of great dinners. Our driver, Des, was a great asset. So much history and knowledge that made the trip so much more meaningful and efficient for time.
Linda Cook, AB

Nancy Ristigian, HI, Irish Adventure Tour, September 2012

Thank you so much for the best vacation of my life.   The tour was so informative, the guide, Frank Foster, was so friendly . The hotels were so beautiful. I want to extend my sincere  thanks for all the hard work you put into making my bucket list complete.   Thank you from the bottom of my Irish heart.
Nancy Ristigian, HI

Bert & Deanne Caster, CA, Custom Self Drive, August 2012

Our trip to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland was just wonderful. The team at Sheenco Travel did a superb job of locating ten beautiful and well appointed hotels for our 15 day visit, securing the nine passenger van when no one else could obtain the same and booking our ferry crossing into and returning from Scotland.  It just couldn’t have been better.

The selected hotels all had outstanding breakfasts and excellent dinners as well.  The rooms were just as you had promised and we enjoyed them all.  They were all centrally located near the tourist sites we selected to visit.  We were very fortunate to have great weather during the 15 days with only a little rain, which didn’t restrict our activities or travels.

All the people we encountered in the three countries were gracious, friendly and very helpful when we needed the same.  We enjoyed many pubs in the small towns and villages we visited on our travels.  We were fortunate to have been visiting such a pub to see Katie Taylor on TV, at the Olympics, win her semi-final fight and also the win that gave her the gold metal.  What fun!

Ireland was all that the tour books said it would be, only better and the shades of green clearly seemed more than the 40 that every one claims you will see when you visit the green country called Ireland.  Northern Ireland and Scotland are also beautiful and well worth visiting.

I want to thank you once again on behalf of all six of us for your efforts to make our trip exceptional and wonderful as you certainly succeeded in doing.  The van you were able to secure provided us extra room for our luggage and plenty of space for each of us.  We sang your praises to all hotel personnel and to everyone who asked with whom we had booked our tour. We will continue to recommend you and your firm to anyone seeking assistance in planning such a trip.  One day we may return and we certainly will use your services again.


Bert & Deanne Caster, CA

Lori Sullivan Antolovic, TX, Custom Self Drive, August 2012

I travelled with my teenaged daughter and cannot say enough great things about our experience with Sheenco Travel.  Without question we would use them again and recommend their services to anyone planning a trip to Ireland.  Their professionalism, attitude and attention to detail is beyond reproach.  Our trip could not have been more perfect.  They worked with us to get us exactly what we wanted and truly listened to what we wanted.  This was not an “off the shelf” trip.  The trip truly catered to our specific requests.  Their knowledge and advice is superb.  They were always available to us.  Responsive and caring.
Lori Sullivan Antolovic, TX

Josh & Rebecca Duffy, WA, Custom Self-Drive, June 2012

A tremendous thank you to the team at Sheenco Vacations.  Their help in planning for our vacation ensured that this was one of the best ever for us.  We always wanted to go to Ireland but there’s just so much to see and do and we had a limited amount of time.  The team at Sheenco provided sage advice on what to see and how long we should stay at various venues and helped us priortize our visit.  As a result, the trip was magnificent.  It was just the right pace and the hotels were fantastic.  We didn’t have any issues at all and everything went very smoothly.  Ireland is a stunningly beautiful country that is rich in history and has much to offer. The best advice they gave us was to go to the Blarney Castle.  We had considered not going because we weren’t interested kissing the stone, but Genevieve suggested that the castle was worth the trip.  That castle and its grounds were stunning!  And thankfully we avoided the long, touristy lines to kiss the stone.  And every hotel selection was top notch and welcomed us with open arms right away. I would recommend Sheenco Travel to anyone going to Ireland-it’s well worth the price.
Rebecca Duffy, WA

The team at Sheenco Travel was fantastic during our trip planning.  They recommended and booked perfect hotels for us on our anniversary trip and helped us choose an itinerary that was tailored perfectly to our needs.  We combined just the right amount of driving with the right amount of luxury accomodations with the right amount of sight-seeing.  Ireland is a stunning country and we know it wouldn’t have been so easy without the support of the team at Sheenco.

 Josh Duffy, WA

Liz St George, MA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2012

The trip was in a word – WONDERFUL!!!  Or should I say GRAND, BRILLIANT!!  We had the best time.  Our driver, Dan Cooper, was great. A 20-year veteran of the tour bus routes, he provided us with a trip to remember.  And I have to say, it was so nice to not worry about getting lost or driving on the wrong side of your roads! Our favorite places to stay were Dromoland (of course) and The Malton Hotel in Killarney.  We really appreciate the time you took to put the trip together, and especially the last minute changes due to my mistake making the flight arrangements. I have already recommended your agency and will continue to do so.  And you can be sure, if I have the opportunity to return, I will be contacting you.Thanks again!
Liz St George, MA

Sharon Errickson, NJ, Custom Chauffeur Driven, June 2012

I wanted to let you know that I had a very enjoyable and worry-free vacation thanks to you and your company. From the time I was met at Shannon Airport by Gerry to being chauffeured to my destination at Lisdoonvarna by my guide Steve, I had a wonderful time!! Gerry was so nice and helpful with information about things to do in Killarney and its environs, as well as handling my luggage.And I have to give a special comment about Steve who was my guide from Kennedy Coaches. He was prompt, courteous and went out of his way to make my trip fun, interesting and comfortable. He is a fountain of information and history of Ireland, told at appropriate moments during the tour so that it was never too much or boring. In fact I’m so glad I had this tour first before meeting the Irish artists at the painting retreat, so that I knew what they were talking about and could join their conversations!There was nothing I didn’t like about the tour, so I really have no negative comments. The Fairview in Killarney was a great place to stay – perfectly located and lovely amenities. The service was also impeccable. They arranged a cab for me to go to Muckross House, where I had a wonderful time hiking the National Park and lake, as well as a tour of the house and gardens, all of which were spectacular. I loved Ross castle and the lake where it’s situated, as well as Killarney itself. But I especially loved the jacuzzi tub in my room which I really needed after all that walking!! Last but not least the Fairview breakfasts were excellent.Other highlights included the tour of Galway which I especially enjoyed, as well as the shopping!! And Connamara I loved – that was hauntingly beautiful. All of it was made the better by Steve’s commentaries. One of the gems of the tour was Mount Falcon, which is truly exquisite! What a beautiful estate – the house and grounds are magnificent! Had many beautiful moments by the lake and walking the trails bordering lovely pastures inhabited by playful horses. The staff was pleasant and helpful, the food superb. Not to mention my wonderful room!!Kylemore Abbey was also a great choice worth a visit, and the smaller towns along the way, such as Cong, Adare, Westport and Leenane on the fjord. I truly loved it all!! My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend exploring other regions as well. That just means I’ll have to come back!To sum it up, I had a wonderful tour. Not only were the destinations fabulous in themselves, but I felt safe and cared-for while being a single woman in a different country, and all of that added up to a worry-free vacation!! I can’t thank you enough for arranging everything for me, especially since it was rather last minute. You are so pleasant to deal with, and your suggestions were spot-on as well. I will definitely recommend you and Sheenco Travel to anyone going to your beautiful country.Warmest Regards,
Sharon Errickson, NJ

David Hill, PA, Custom Chauffeur Driven, May 2012

My wife, Sally, and I had a great time in Ireland. Although much too short to see everything, we enjoyed getting a taste of a beautiful isle!!!  We appreciated the opportunity to stay in places that were harder for us to book without your assistance.  Waterford Castle will always remain a special time for us. Des Prior, our driver, was very interesting and knowledgeable. When our flight from JFK to Shannon was delayed 3½ hours it was great to see him waiting for us.  We very much enjoyed the Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle and Cobh.  On our own, we had a great Dingle Peninsula tour and Killarney was ideal to get the flavor of Ireland. Thank you for arranging our early morning transfer from Waterford Castle to Rosslare. Thanks again for working with us to make a great trip and making it work for our condensed schedule.Best wishes,
David Hill, PA